Friday, June 22, 2018

Welcome Back To Me

I have been thinking about coming back to this space for quite a while.
I haven't quite known how to get back on the blogging wagon but I think it is a good thing for me to do.  There is so much rolling around in this noggin of mine.

Hard to believe that so much time has passed since I last wrote.
Everything in our life is totally different and yet there is still so much that is just the same.

One of the primary reasons I have been thinking about this blog is because it is becoming clear to me that there are lots of things that I cannot remember.
Jeff says it is because I have so much going on that I am more forgetful.  Let's hope that he is right.

Either way, my hope is still that this will be a place that someday I can look back at these entries and know that I tried my best to give love and do the right thing.
And I hope our kids will do the same.


Monday, July 20, 2015

D5 - 07/20/15

July 20th
1. Today there was something happening at the church and I wanted to see what it was but Mae didn't want to stay. I will just go by myself next time.
2. At the school because there was the church thing I got ice cream and candy
3. I talked a lot with Edwin and Erika (part of family) and they are cool
4. I helped Freddy with homework tonight and with English and it was good.
5. I took a shower and I feel pretty clean which is weird.
6. It actually feels cool and I like it.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

D5 - 07/19/15

July 19th
1. I had ice cream twice today and it was so good.
2. Mae and I climbed a mountain/ hill and it was so beautiful and it felt so good.
3. It was sunny and hot today and I got a little sunburned but it feels good.
4. I talked with the family that is in town today and most of them seem nice.
5. I feel so dirty but I am waiting to take a shower when the family leaves (hopefully tomorrow).

Saturday, July 18, 2015

D5 - 07/18/15

July 18th
1. We ate at lucilas house today and she has a beautiful river next to her house.
2. I think my hearing is getting worse.
3. Today was daylis' birthday and there was a party and we had cake.
4. I saw the moon tonight walking Mae home and it is weird to me that my family can see the exact same moon at home.
5. My host families whole family is here for the birthday and I feel uncomfortable because it is hard to understand them and I don't want to butt in on their family time, but they are all really nice so it's ok.

Friday, July 17, 2015

D5 - 07/17/15

July 17th
1. Campamentos haven't been the best only because it's hard for us to do them every day.
2. I am so excited for route picnic.
3. I listened to a lot of music today.
4. I danced in the rain today.
5. I am excited for the other fun things that are happening on this trip.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

D5 - 07/16/15

July 16th
1. This morning we walked to Jorge's house and he said we would get the roof in about 10 days!
2. Mae and I had ice cream and it was so good.
3. The house we ate at today was super far away and the walk was so hard.
4. A man said he was praying for us and it made me feel so good and appreciated.
5. I have had a great night with the family and we danced and talked and I am really happy going to bed right now:)
Love yall and i am having a great time! Talk to you Tuesday!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

D5 - 07/15/15

July 15th
1. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night and even woke up jasmine because I was having a freak out.
2. The girls and Freddy scared me but popping out from behind the door.
3. The kids didn't have school today because it was a track and field day.
4. The kids climbed in the maranon tree for us and got Mae and I fruits and then we cooked them for the kids and they like them. It was so fun.
5. I ate an amazing meal at Gisele's house and it was noodles and a bunch of sea food.