Friday, November 26, 2010

We All Make Choices

I choose to be thakful.
Who needs a stinkin' 'N' anyhow?

I Think I Get It Now

Seems like one of my holiday traditions is to have hurt feelings. I always manage to feel bad because we invite and invite and invite our family to spend the holidays with us and we always end up alone.

I understand that it can be hard to travel during the holidays. I understand that work and other obligations come first. (how could anyone/anything possibly come before our perfect family? ha!) We are normally chained to this area because JC is on call, so that means staying close to home.

For years JC has been telling me that it will all be okay because we are creating our own family traditions. JC hugs me and loves me and reassures me that when these kids grow up they will WANT to come home and be with us.

Yesterday after OUR family Thanksgiving dinner, I asked JC to take a picture of me and the kids. Without me knowing, he was clicking away while we were trying to get all set-up. What a beautiful surprise to find these pictures on the camera this morning.

I think I might get it now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking Forward - Looking Backward

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with all of our family around the table. The china, the goblets, the food, but most of all...OUR family.

Sure, someone will probably be upset about something. I am sure some of the food will be cold before it gets to the table. I've already been to the store 2 times to shop for ingredients, and realize now that I've forgotten the rolls both times.

And still, I am so excited.
I am so thankful.

2003. (Shirts optional.)

And I guess I should make sure that both of our girls wear a shirt.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Tat's Outta the Bag

A few weeks ago, Heather and Christy came to town to help me celebrate my big 4-0. Somehow, things took a turn for the crazy (no surprise), and we ended up at the tattoo parlour. Although I've been dreaming about my family tattoo for sometime, I wasn't planning to get new ink right now. Well, you know how it is when you are in a tattoo parlour with your bff's - you gotta get the ink!

So I did.

And I love it.

The kids all think it is pretty neat-o. Ella cried when she saw it because she thinks it is so beautiful. Jeff gave me his thumbs up too.

The tattoo guy thought I was crazy for putting the letters upside down. But this is how I want it because it is for me to see. Tatt guy also didn't see a need for the hearts. But they represent the pieces of my heart that broke when those babies didn't make it.

When I wear my watch, you can't even really see it. And I'm okay with that, because it is just for me.

Jeff, Kathy, Angel Baby, Sam
Ella, Jena, Miles, Angel Baby
Angel Baby

Plenty of room for more babies.

Plenty of room for grandkids.

You could say that I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Monday, November 22, 2010

1,000 Words

I am thankful for the love that these five kids share. Everyday so thankful.

We have been SO blessed.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our kids had two costumes this year.

Because we are cool that way.

No, not really.

Because we needed a costume for a party and I had to do something fast and cheap.

(glo-family in light so that you can see the kids)

I had to bribe them to be the glo-family. It was a huge success. And after all of the bribing and begging, they won a costume contest and all really thought it was cool!

(glo-family in pitch dark so you can see the costumes)

Then for real live Halloween, we had three mummies, Carrie and a zombie soccer player.

(i'll never get tired of this)

The friends all gathered in our yard to set out for a big night of trick-or-treating.

(capturing this many candy hungry kids is close to a miracle)

As always, we had the annual candy swap after trick-or-treating. The candy was flying!

(louder than the stock market floor)

Once again, another great Halloween!

And only 24 days til we get our Christmas tree!! yahoo!!!

ns4fb today

Today's 'not suitable for facebook' status:

Having a serious discussion with a friend the other day. He said 'if we were actually living like we are pretending to live, our life would be really great.'

Big thoughts. Very big thoughts.