Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Tat's Outta the Bag

A few weeks ago, Heather and Christy came to town to help me celebrate my big 4-0. Somehow, things took a turn for the crazy (no surprise), and we ended up at the tattoo parlour. Although I've been dreaming about my family tattoo for sometime, I wasn't planning to get new ink right now. Well, you know how it is when you are in a tattoo parlour with your bff's - you gotta get the ink!

So I did.

And I love it.

The kids all think it is pretty neat-o. Ella cried when she saw it because she thinks it is so beautiful. Jeff gave me his thumbs up too.

The tattoo guy thought I was crazy for putting the letters upside down. But this is how I want it because it is for me to see. Tatt guy also didn't see a need for the hearts. But they represent the pieces of my heart that broke when those babies didn't make it.

When I wear my watch, you can't even really see it. And I'm okay with that, because it is just for me.

Jeff, Kathy, Angel Baby, Sam
Ella, Jena, Miles, Angel Baby
Angel Baby

Plenty of room for more babies.

Plenty of room for grandkids.

You could say that I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve.


Heather and Stephen said...

Love the title and love the nail art, too! :)

Amy J. said...

Love, love, love! Nice fingernails, too, btw...