Sunday, May 31, 2009


may o may.
you are about to go away.

we will miss your days full of fun.
you always keep us on the run.

it is shocking how you can drain us dry.
i'm not sure if it is the bank or the exhaustion that make me wanna cry.

i know without a doubt that you will be back.
i look forward to the things that you will spit out.

and soon we will take time to reflect and rest.
i can really say today that i might like you best.

(Oh, except for I LOVE June and I'm pretty crazy about the holidays and I think that Jan., Mar., Aug., Sept., and Nov. are REALLY cool too.)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Late Night Cookies

I happen to be up making cookies tonight. The next few days are jammed packed with field trips. Nothing says field trip better than some chocolate chip cookies.

We have been so busy this last few weeks. Whew.

I can't wait until summer. I am ready for my babies to sleep in. To watch too much TV. To make tunafish. To get bored with video games. To ride their bikes all over the neighborhood. I LOVE SUMMER!

I'm already making a mental list of all of the things I want to do with the kids. Right off the bat, we'll go to the Blue Hole. Maybe a day hike to Pedernales Falls. I've checked the dollar movie schedule twelve times in the last couple of days. I think I want to make a family quilt. Oh and we'll do puzzles. Lots and lots of puzzles.

I wonder how I can make the summer last six months?

And it is so hard to believe that SBW is 9 months old already. Holy cow. Where has the time gone?

Hmmmm...maybe we should start thinking about having him sleep in his own bed. Or maybe not.

In six days I will have a 7th grader. Freaky. In six days I will have a 1st grader. Growing too fast. In seven days I will have them all with me. Perfect.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Little Bit Hairy

Things are starting to get a little bit hairy. But it is all good. What do I do when thing get hairy? I get a haircut. And even though I'm not IN LOVE with my current do, I did love getting it done. I mean have you EVER seen anything cuter?

#4 had a field trip last week at the Austin Nature and Science Center. Look at this cool green flower we spotted. Isn't it wild?

#2's soccer team did pretty great in their soccer tournament last weekend. We leave tomorrow night for a trip to Victoria to go to the next level of tournament. She is having a load of fun with her team and that is all that matters. Besides creaming the other team, of course.

SBW had a pretty bad ear infection. Even when he feels like crap, he is still smiling. (I know I'm bad for taking this picture, but I just couldn't resist.)

I'd love to have this bumper sticker. Guess it'd be pretty silly though since all of our kids are in elementary school or younger.

#1 and his buddies are trying out for the school talent show. (So is #2, but I didn't get a good picture.) They came up with a little jig and rented these crazy costumes. One of their teachers said that she is sure they will end up on Saturday Night Live before too long. The dance is pretty darn funny!

#3 is also trying out for the school talent show. SO so so proud of her and her buddy O. They sang the Hot n Cold song by Katie Perry. I could have never gotten up and sang a whole song like that when I was her age. When we were walking into the try-out she quietly told me that she was excited because this was her first time to try-out without #2. Geez, everyone is growing up.

Do you think that people have bumper stickers like this in other states?

Here is a pretty cool shot of #4 scoring one of his three goals last Saturday. Yippee!

Was being sneaky and took this shot of my JC hopping the fence at soccer. I think it is pretty hot. And he didn't even pull a muscle! :)

SBW loves to celebrate these days. Always smiling and now always throwing his hands in the air to cheer. YEA!!!

This is the new RunTex billboard on MOPAC. I like it. But I'm still not gonna start running.

One of our giant crepe myrtles is in full bloom. It is so so so pretty.

We saw Leslie walking down the street the other day. The boys hopped out and took some pictures with him. He really is a nice fella.

Saw this giant snake crossing the street going into my friend Jenny's yard. I 'bout wet myself. JC got out to take the pictures and REFUSED TO KILL IT. I should've jumped into the drivers seat and squished its guts out. I've been worried about it all week. What if it hurts one of the kids. Oh, I've gotta let this one go.

This is just a small sampling of the 400 or so pictures that are on our camera right now. Hope to do more blogging so. I have SO much to share!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No More

No more Monday behind.

The concert master has finished his time with the Austin Youth Orchestra. Things we learned from this experience...

1. I like taking all of the kids someplace outside of the house to do their homework.
2. I like having one planned hour set aside (during normal awake time) to blog. Just me and the computer doin' it freestyle. No interruptions and no agenda.
3. #1 loves applause. Especially standing ovations by strangers that are standing for only him.
4. 9 people can get ready in less than 1 hour in one house after spending the day at six soccer games. I submit to you the proof.

5. When grandmas are really proud, they will pay over $3.50 for a bottled beverage for their grandchildren.

6. When one purchases 7 tickets for the Symphony Orchestra, one can expect at least half of the party to fall asleep. Even after drinking jumbo high dollar sodas.

We have been going non-stop. An example would be this past weekend...

Friday afternoon: #2 choir practice after school, #3 brownie meeting after school, #1 soccer game at 7:15pm
Saturday: 8:00am #2 soccer game, 9:00am #4 soccer game, 10:00am #2 soccer game, 11:00am #1 soccer game, 11:45am #3 soccer game, 2:30pm #1 soccer game, 4:00pm #3 tea party (you read that right), 4:00pm #1 soccer game, 7:00pm #1 soccer game.
Sunday: 10:30am #2 soccer game, 1:30am #2 soccer game

We have stuff every single day this week. Part of us are headed three hours away for a HUGE soccer tournament for #2 this coming weekend.

This is what May is for us. Non-stop school. Non-stop soccer. Non-stop fun.
I'll try to blog. But there are no guarantees. I'll try to reply to email, but it is the last thing on my list. Gee, with over 250 unread messages, I don't even know where to start.

So when you feel like you are being neglected, remember that I am making a choice to put my family first and I will write when we come up for air in June.

I know in 20 or 30 years, I will not regret spending this time with my kids and avoiding the super connected world. I will probably regret lots of other things - but the computer coming before my kids will not be one of them.

Now I will put myself in the bed and try to force myself to sleep. Although it doesn't come easy these days.