Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No More

No more Monday behind.

The concert master has finished his time with the Austin Youth Orchestra. Things we learned from this experience...

1. I like taking all of the kids someplace outside of the house to do their homework.
2. I like having one planned hour set aside (during normal awake time) to blog. Just me and the computer doin' it freestyle. No interruptions and no agenda.
3. #1 loves applause. Especially standing ovations by strangers that are standing for only him.
4. 9 people can get ready in less than 1 hour in one house after spending the day at six soccer games. I submit to you the proof.

5. When grandmas are really proud, they will pay over $3.50 for a bottled beverage for their grandchildren.

6. When one purchases 7 tickets for the Symphony Orchestra, one can expect at least half of the party to fall asleep. Even after drinking jumbo high dollar sodas.

We have been going non-stop. An example would be this past weekend...

Friday afternoon: #2 choir practice after school, #3 brownie meeting after school, #1 soccer game at 7:15pm
Saturday: 8:00am #2 soccer game, 9:00am #4 soccer game, 10:00am #2 soccer game, 11:00am #1 soccer game, 11:45am #3 soccer game, 2:30pm #1 soccer game, 4:00pm #3 tea party (you read that right), 4:00pm #1 soccer game, 7:00pm #1 soccer game.
Sunday: 10:30am #2 soccer game, 1:30am #2 soccer game

We have stuff every single day this week. Part of us are headed three hours away for a HUGE soccer tournament for #2 this coming weekend.

This is what May is for us. Non-stop school. Non-stop soccer. Non-stop fun.
I'll try to blog. But there are no guarantees. I'll try to reply to email, but it is the last thing on my list. Gee, with over 250 unread messages, I don't even know where to start.

So when you feel like you are being neglected, remember that I am making a choice to put my family first and I will write when we come up for air in June.

I know in 20 or 30 years, I will not regret spending this time with my kids and avoiding the super connected world. I will probably regret lots of other things - but the computer coming before my kids will not be one of them.

Now I will put myself in the bed and try to force myself to sleep. Although it doesn't come easy these days.


Amy said...

I am so insanely proud of #1 and so insanely disappointed that we couldnt' make it to his concert!!! I am standing and applauding for him anyway - he rocks! And so do you. See you on the flip side.

Christy said...

KC, I'm so proud of you for thinking all that's fun. I get in a bad mood if there are two things scheduled in one day. I hate that kind of pressure.
You family looks beautiful.

Texicana said...

We are SO proud.

Heather and Stephen said...

I LOVE that first picture of #1! he is awesome. :)
I hope you are reading this in June. I love that you put your family first. Do try to take an hour out for you for whatever reason (sleep, maybe?) so you can refuel. Love you!!~h

Antoinette said...

Write when you can. We'll be here and happy to read. :) I didn't know #1 was in the Austin Youth Orchestra - talented guy! I was in the Las Vegas Youth Symphony in high school and it was kind of a blast. Hope yours had a great time, too.