Friday, May 30, 2008

May 9

S has a field trip to Zilker Park to participate in Keep Austin Clean day. The fifth graders could either hike or ride their bikes to the park.

JC rode his bike as one of the parent chaperone's and then rode on to work.

About half of the kids rode bikes and the other half walked.

It was really great to see all of the kids riding through the neighborhood.

May 8

After a very hot and fun track and field day, we went to E's softball game. The South Austin Swingin' Bats beat the Rollingwood Team and E had a great game. Caught a line drive to 3rd to get the batter out and had an awesome RBI. She's lovin' the softball and the game is really starting to come together for her.

Now this next series of pictures is me trying to get a photo of my four kids together on the stands.

#1 - okay everybody - look this way...

#2 - M, put your snacks down and say cheese - oh well, here comes our friends...everybody say cheese...

#3 - Where'd M go? I told him to scoot over to get in the picture and he scooted the wrong way and slid himself right off the bleachers. It was a $10,000 AFHV moment. Too bad we don't have a video camera. We all laughed and laughed and he cried and cried.

Then on the way home we had to stop and take this picture and remember how blessed we are and what an incredible creator we have.

May 8

Big kids have track and field day at school. The week leading up to track and field day, I went up to the school and helped each class tie dye t-shirts for team spirit. We had a great great time and our three kids were REALLY REALLY proud of their class shirts.

The theme of this year's track and field day was the Olympics. Each class had to come up with a country name that included their teacher's name and all of the information regarding their country - like climate, language, food, etc. A GREAT time was had by all.

2nd Grade - country: Purselvania, color: Purple, song: Heard it Through the Grapevine

4th Grade - country: Nikolovakia, color: Orange, mascot: Mighty Legumes

5th Grade - Saudi Embrembia, color: Blue, song: Walk Like an Egyptian

This is E and her classmate marching their class flag around the 'stadium'. E worked really really hard on making this flag (colored for hours) and was really proud of it!

JC and M ride the bike up to the school to watch all of the fun events! Then JC rides off to work.

May 7

M has a very special chapel during preschool to celebrate Mother's Day. They sang a couple of songs and participated in the normal Wednesday noon church service. It was very very sweet. He even gave me a rose!

The kids are relaxing and taking a moment to remove the stress from their shoulders and breathe deeply in order to have clear heads and listening ears for the message.

Singing and signing 'Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord'.

Singing a peace to you kinda song that I can't remember.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 6

Rick Riordan strikes again! The fourth book in the Percy Jackson series finally came out. We bought our copy almost a month in advance so that we could be at the front of the line for signing this time. The Bookpeople closed its parking lot and had big fun things for the kids to do. The big news is that there will be a movie of the Lightning Thief coming out in 2009 (I think) and the fifth in the Percy Jackson series will be out a year from now. For those grown-ups that do not know of this series - everyone in our family has now read the books and they are outstanding. He is the Texas version of JK Rowling. Thank you Mr. Riordan for always taking time for my kids. We appreciate everything you do!!!

Taking the city bus to the Bookpeople.

All of the kids hanging out with Medusa at the Attic of the Oracle.

E is getting her 'placement' from the Oracle.

All of the kids visiting with the real LIVE Centar.

C and M with the Centar. (Just wanted to show a picture with his whole body!)

S and J and the rest of the 'honor guard' line up to mark the path Rick Riordan is going to walk down.

S getting a high five from the author.

The author reading an portion of the new book while tons of kids listen closely.

S getting our family copy signed.

Our group of kids with the nicest author ever...Rick Riordan!

May 6

Time for kindergarten round-up. Yep, that's right...signed the big 5 year old up for kindergarten. He and his buddy Q got to have storytime and visit all of the kindergarten classes. Of course, he's got so much time in a the school that he could give paid tours if needed! We are all very excited!

May 5

Very best baby sitter in the whole world comes to visit. Senior year. Only weeks left. The kids are soaking up prom details, taking trip down memory lane and laughing and sharing excitement about college plans. She is 26th in her class of over 500. Going to Villanova in the fall. We are so so so proud of her!

May 5

Who can believe it???

May 4

Time to shower the new mommy! Tons of fun. AJ had lots of good friends bring really nice gifts. Food was good. Weather was perfect. Everyone is ready for that baby to pop out!

AJ due July 5th. KC due Aug. 5.

VJ got to come into town for the queso party. Now if only our HB could've been there and I could've had about 10 beers and AJ had six rum and cokes - it woulda been like old times!

P.S. See AJ's blog for proof that the cake I bought was straight up White Trash. Go figure - I never even noticed.

May 3

E's soccer team. Six games - one day. Second place.

A little support from the family. M is too cold to watch.

Team MVP. Helped team advance to finals by blocking goals during the tie-breaking shoot-out.

2nd place team. Advancing to area wide tourney.

May for our Six

May is...

...31 days
...busiest month of the year (surpassing even December)
...tons and tons of fun
...the end of the day to day routine and the start of the full on family fun time
...a month where no one gets called back, no emails are returned and a time when sleep is very very precious.

So here it is the last few days and I'm gonna play catch up on the blog.
Hope you enjoy.
We have so much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Color


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Monday, May 5, 2008

Happiest Girl

One of my very favorites.