Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 4

Time to shower the new mommy! Tons of fun. AJ had lots of good friends bring really nice gifts. Food was good. Weather was perfect. Everyone is ready for that baby to pop out!

AJ due July 5th. KC due Aug. 5.

VJ got to come into town for the queso party. Now if only our HB could've been there and I could've had about 10 beers and AJ had six rum and cokes - it woulda been like old times!

P.S. See AJ's blog for proof that the cake I bought was straight up White Trash. Go figure - I never even noticed.

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Amy J. said...

Bwahahaah!!! You just made me spit out my carrots when I read "straight up white trash"!! Yeah. It was classic.