Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Dreams

Most of the time I have bad dreams. The kind of dreams that stay with you all day long, and if you let them, they can make ya feel bad all deep down inside all day long. Well, this morning I had the strangest most wonderful dream.

I dreamt that me and my girlfriend Jena (friends since 2nd grade) were shopping. We were shoe shopping. It was the happiest most wonderful time. The stores (fancy department stores) were very beautiful and the a/c's were blowing so so so cold. I remember that both of our hair was very flowy and shiny. We were trying on Doc Marten's maryjanes, Danskos, high heel ankle strappy shoes - every kind of shoe that you can imagine. And we were buying them. We both had bags and bags of shoes.

I don't remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes - must have been in the Spring with Val. I guess this is a sign that I need to go shoe shopping and spend some good quality time with my friend Jena.

And yes, she is the person that our #3 is named after. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Neighbors for Nine... for life.

Today our #4 turned 5. I woke up this morning with a belly full of nerves not really sure how I was going to handle this day. It is such a strange thing for my baby to be five. How could it be that our youngest isn't really that young anymore. Where did all of my babies did it all go by so fast??? (Anyhow...that is a whole long post for another day...let's talk about the birthday extravaganza!!!)

The day started with all 5 of us and the dogs in the bed with the birthday boy singing happy birthday and being silly. After we dropped the big kids off at school, we went to Whole Foods to buy healthy snacks for him to take to school. He chose green apples and strawberries!

After school, my constant lifesaver TVA took Miles home with her so that I could finish with the last minute gift buying/returning and get started on the cake and the supper. It is kinda funny how I've been a nervous wreck all day wanting this to be the most special birthday for him ever.

Tonight our Austin family (Denise and Jay) came to celebrate with us. When we were next door neighbors, they would walk across the yard on the night of the birthday to bring gifts and have cake and sing the song. Now that we live far away from civilization, they've gotta drive over here, so we wanna make sure and feed them. :)

The kids were so so so happy to see D&J. For the last 10 years, D&J have given our kids a beautiful sense of family and stability and love that can never ever be replaced. The first thing Miles said when we woke up this morning was that D&J were coming tonight and that D is brining the 'knitted square with my number'. Seems like D has been knitting for our kids forever and they have all come to expect the knitted washcloth with their number for their birthdays!

Anyhow, we had all of his favorites for dinner. Everyone got to talk and love D&J - remembering old times and planning for the next sleepovers and walks to their secret park. It was the best birthday anyone could have. My sweet 5 year old angels is asleep right now with his new webkin friends and wearing his new superman towel that D&J gave him. What a perfect day for such a sweet little boy.

The magic moment arrives! The kids waited by the door looking forward to the moment they could open it and yell WE DON'T WANT ANY!!!!!

Notice how everyone else is playing with #4's new loot while he sits and watches...

IRL - The You Make Me Smile Award

IRL Means "In Real Life" to all of the super computer people. Look what my friend IRL, CGB, gave me today. CG and I go back as far as I can remember. Although we might walk different paths, we always have the foundation of home. I am never afraid to ask her a question. I am always filled with an "I can do it" strength when talking to her, reading her blogs, learning from her and just being girlfriends. I know that this sounds like a love fest - and that is because it is. How lucky we are. HB, CB and me. (hey - it rhymes)

CG - I smile when I think of you too. And I LOVE you! (and all of your people.)
love love ~kc

CG - amazing homeschool blog
CG - not a homeschool blog

Monday, September 24, 2007


I have been reading this blog pretty regularly. I don't know the person, but I love her story.

Last week she really touched me. I've been going back to the post over and over again.

I hope you find this entry as beautiful as I do.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Reason to Celebrate

This weekend our good friend Val celebrated her 34th birthday. We went out for yummy food and some dangerous drinks. Our favorite bartender Roger always makes sure to take care of us! Oh how nice it is to be with our people. I am so thankful for these friends. The only thing that could've made it better is if our Heather (and Steve) were there too. Thank goodness for the telephone (I only called four times)!!! Nothing like drunk dialing to another country!

Taking Care of Each Other

Last Thursday, we took our puppy Louise to the vet to get a round of shots. I was struck by how I move through all of these day-to-day activities with little notice of the things that make them so special. #4 was with me for the appointment/shots. He did an outstanding job taking care of our new little girl. He was so loving and comforting to her - he even sat up on the exam table while she was getting her shots and was petting her. I am so thankful that our children have such incredible love for our animals.

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Thanks to Heather and Krob - been trying to think of these seven things all morning long!

1. I love gospel music.

2. I wanted to be three things when I grew hygienist, aerobic instructor and English teacher. (I'd still like to be those three things!)

3. I CAN NOT stand it when people clip their nails in public or in the office.

4. I wanted my family my whole life.

5. I have a MySpace Page, a Facebook Page, two blogs and a family website. (I sound high-tech, huh?)

6. I missed out on skydiving and bungee jumping (in our 20's) because I was too scared. (If given the opportunity, I'd do it now.)

7. I cry all of the time and as I get older the worse it is!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So Glad

Like normal, this afternoon had a calendar full of activities penciled in. #1 and #3 had soccer practice, #3 had a brownie meeting/swim party, #2 was invited to hang with one of her BFFs, and #4 got to play with some of his buddies afterschool. This is a general idea of how our life is on a daily basis. And we love it...

But all of these things are not the reason for my post. The real reason for the post is to let you know how much it means to me when sincerely kind people (with no agenda) have a nice word or just plain ol' offer to help.

This afternoon there were little angels all around me watching me move through the schedule and helping me in ways that I am so grateful. One angel took #1 after school to work on homework with a school pal and then dropped him at soccer. Another angel picked #3 up from school and transported her to the brownie party. Then another angel insisted on taking #3 from the brownie party to her soccer practice. Because of the kindness of these three ladies, I was able to let #4 have time to play with his friends and I was actually able to sit down and visit with a few of my mom friends.

What a great time to sit and breathe. And how about the fact that I sat down on the stool after the brownie meeting and was handed an ice cold beverage. So I took the advice of the team mom and enjoyed those 30 minutes. I talked with the friends about myspace and blogging and ACL and stuff. And not only did the team mom encourage me to take a moment to breathe, but the coach (her husband) stayed with my girls when I was 10 minutes late to get them.

Boy-o-boy. I am feeling so blessed.

Thanks to the swim mom for the ice cold beverage served with a geniune smile.
Thanks to all of the driving moms for getting my people where they needed to be with love and care.
Thanks team mom - you sure did make my day. Really.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Friends of ACL

The Sunday Best

I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet. I think typing these posts has made me more tired than the festival its self! :)

The Jones Family Singers - 1:00 WaMu Stage (I LOVED THEM)

Q Brothers - 2:30 AKL

Ziggy Marley - 3:15 AKL

My Morning Jacket - 6:30 AT&T
Forgot to take a picture! Ugh.
The Decemberists - 7:30 Dell Stage

Bob Dylan and His Band - 8:30 AT&T

9:00pm - Let's go home. The kids so didn't get Dylan. To be honest, I don't really care for him either, but we had to see him cause we may never have the chance again. Another great year at ACL. We are so thankful.