Monday, September 17, 2007

My Main Squeeze

I am always very proud of my JC. Most people would prolly never guess that we're coming up on 17yrs. of marriage and we've still got it. I love that man! And on top of all of his normal awesomeness, this weekend, he was the bomb! The kids and I are so so so proud of him that I am about to bust.

What I failed to say in my earlier ACL post is that Jeff worked all weekend. His company, Simpler Webb, has had the network contract for the ACL Fest for the last few years. This year JC was the lead contact regarding the network.

What this means is that when he was with us, he usually had the walkie talkie stuck to his ear or his fingers burning up the keypad on the blackberry. It also meant that he had access to many things that others did not. The kids and Jeff could get into all of the VIP areas, drink free sodas and water, eat some good food, go to the air conditioned/clean bathrooms, and most importantly - ride the festival golf carts all around back stage.

We also had primo parking and did not need to walk up 'buzz kill hill' on our way home. I just don't know how the kids are ever going to be able to go back to ACL as we know it. Next year if Jeff works on this account again, then maybe we'll upgrade my ticket so that I can use the pretty bathrooms too! For now though, I am so so so happy that the kids got a taste of the sweet life and they know it is cause their dad works hard and it was being noticed!

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Heather and Stephen said...

buzz kill hill. Know it...and don't so much miss it! I love all these posts!!! and you and your fam!