Monday, September 17, 2007

One Sick Momma

So it is day two of ACL and I am wiped out. We started the day like this...

8:00am - #2 soccer
8:30am - #3 soccer
9:30am - #1 soccer
10:45am - JC and #1 ACL
11:00am - #2&3 softball
1:00pm - #2 soccer

Everyone that knows anything at all about me knows that I cannot stand to miss out on anything. I woke up Saturday morning with gallons of snot (sorry - I know it's yucky). On top of it, I was beat down by the sun from Friday and I think on the verge of collapsing from working/running too much the week before. Last week I had a second job helping my friend Mae Mae get her products ready to sell at ACL. She makes the most beautiful jewelry and was in the last minute scramble to get it all done before the big show and crazy crowds. Anyhow, I was thankful to do it so that we could have a little extra dough for the busy weekend.

Needless to say, by Saturday afternoon, I just needed to lay down. I left the final soccer game and called Jeff. He said that they were having a blast. I told him that I thought we all needed to go home to rest(me+3). The last thing he told me was to stop and get gas. Well, you know me - I was too tired to stop, and sure enough I ran out. No jokes, I'm blowing my nose in toilet paper, sunburned, and feeling cranky. All three kids are exhausted and cranky and hungry and I needed a sonic coke something bad - AND I RUN OUT OF GAS. And to top it off, I was just around the corner from our house. I was just trying to make it home.

So I call my good friend TVA - and in the time it takes her to come and get me from BFE (cause you know that is where we live in relation to all of our people), I have walked home to get the gas can and walked back - with all three kids in tow. Oh my, if there was ever I time that I was praying for patience and strength, it was Saturday afternoon!

Sweet TVA took me to the station, filled up the can, took me back to fill up the car and then followed me back to the station while I pumped my gas. All cause I was too tired to stop. I even had cash in my purse to pay for the gas! UGH.

Needless to say, we got our gas and drove directly to Sonic where everyone in the car could get whatever they wanted. Once we got home, we turned the A/C down low and put on our pajamas and watched WAAAYYYYY too much TV. That is ok though, cause we were making memories too. We had a great time being at home together and cuddled up to sleep in the middle of the afternoon.

Thank you TVA for picking me and my hot kids up off the side of the road. :) Your true friendship means the world to me.

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