Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Thanks to Heather and Krob - been trying to think of these seven things all morning long!

1. I love gospel music.

2. I wanted to be three things when I grew hygienist, aerobic instructor and English teacher. (I'd still like to be those three things!)

3. I CAN NOT stand it when people clip their nails in public or in the office.

4. I wanted my family my whole life.

5. I have a MySpace Page, a Facebook Page, two blogs and a family website. (I sound high-tech, huh?)

6. I missed out on skydiving and bungee jumping (in our 20's) because I was too scared. (If given the opportunity, I'd do it now.)

7. I cry all of the time and as I get older the worse it is!


HeatherRene said...

I hate it when people blow their nose in public!!!! blek!

HeatherRene said...

ps-like the new layout. Sometimes change is refreshing!