Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Neighbors for Nine... for life.

Today our #4 turned 5. I woke up this morning with a belly full of nerves not really sure how I was going to handle this day. It is such a strange thing for my baby to be five. How could it be that our youngest isn't really that young anymore. Where did all of my babies did it all go by so fast??? (Anyhow...that is a whole long post for another day...let's talk about the birthday extravaganza!!!)

The day started with all 5 of us and the dogs in the bed with the birthday boy singing happy birthday and being silly. After we dropped the big kids off at school, we went to Whole Foods to buy healthy snacks for him to take to school. He chose green apples and strawberries!

After school, my constant lifesaver TVA took Miles home with her so that I could finish with the last minute gift buying/returning and get started on the cake and the supper. It is kinda funny how I've been a nervous wreck all day wanting this to be the most special birthday for him ever.

Tonight our Austin family (Denise and Jay) came to celebrate with us. When we were next door neighbors, they would walk across the yard on the night of the birthday to bring gifts and have cake and sing the song. Now that we live far away from civilization, they've gotta drive over here, so we wanna make sure and feed them. :)

The kids were so so so happy to see D&J. For the last 10 years, D&J have given our kids a beautiful sense of family and stability and love that can never ever be replaced. The first thing Miles said when we woke up this morning was that D&J were coming tonight and that D is brining the 'knitted square with my number'. Seems like D has been knitting for our kids forever and they have all come to expect the knitted washcloth with their number for their birthdays!

Anyhow, we had all of his favorites for dinner. Everyone got to talk and love D&J - remembering old times and planning for the next sleepovers and walks to their secret park. It was the best birthday anyone could have. My sweet 5 year old angels is asleep right now with his new webkin friends and wearing his new superman towel that D&J gave him. What a perfect day for such a sweet little boy.

The magic moment arrives! The kids waited by the door looking forward to the moment they could open it and yell WE DON'T WANT ANY!!!!!

Notice how everyone else is playing with #4's new loot while he sits and watches...


Anonymous said...

Aw! Happy Birthday MC!
I love and hate the growing up.

Heather and Stephen said...

sweet bday! HAPPY BDAY M!!! We love you all the way from Germany!!!