Wednesday, September 26, 2007

IRL - The You Make Me Smile Award

IRL Means "In Real Life" to all of the super computer people. Look what my friend IRL, CGB, gave me today. CG and I go back as far as I can remember. Although we might walk different paths, we always have the foundation of home. I am never afraid to ask her a question. I am always filled with an "I can do it" strength when talking to her, reading her blogs, learning from her and just being girlfriends. I know that this sounds like a love fest - and that is because it is. How lucky we are. HB, CB and me. (hey - it rhymes)

CG - I smile when I think of you too. And I LOVE you! (and all of your people.)
love love ~kc

CG - amazing homeschool blog
CG - not a homeschool blog

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