Monday, September 17, 2007

For the Love of ACL

Well, one of our most favorite times of year has come and gone - and we had a blast. The Austin City Limits Musical Festival is an event that our whole family looks forward to with MUCH excitement and anticipation. We've actually been the last few years (2005 and 2006) and it seems like each year we all look forward to it a little bit more. So I'm gonna give you my version of our weekend, but keep in mind, you can go to our website soon for Jeff's version. :)

Friday, Sept. 14th (We let the kids skip school)
Our first act of the festival...our dear friend Sara Hickman. She played on the Austin Kiddie Limits stage with her band The Super Pal Universe. We love Sara, and it is no surprise that her kid band really rocks!

We were so so so happy to see our good friends io and Lilly at the festival cheering for their mom and the Super Pal Universe.

After Sara's show we made our way to the Austin Kiddie Limits tents to do all of the activities. They changed the Kiddie Limits up a bit this year, but we all still had a blast.

We painted tiles that will be put into a new park in East Austin. This booth was sponsored in part by Cafe Monet - which happens to be the location of our last few birthday parties. (You gotta love it when you walk up to a booth with a ton of others folks and they actually remember your name! Love love love Cafe Monet!)

Then Miles wanted to get a tattoo. Boy-o-boy, this was a pretty short line, but it took a really long time. The painters were putting lots of detail into their work. It was beautiful, too bad it had sweated off within a few minutes.

Next stop, to the Hip hop Workshop. Ella was the first brave one. This was sponsored by the Q Brothers. We love them. The brothers and their people were all so nice and friendly. Ella learned to scratch and even recorded a CD of a rap with GQ.

A little later in the day, all of the kids were wanting to rap and make a CD, so our family went back and the three big kids laid down a track (ha ha - cracking myself up).

From there we went to get our hair done. This year the rocker hair station was sponsored by the Pink Hair Salon in Austin. This is an annual tradition for the kids - new hair do's everyday of the festival. This is also the first year that Sam didn't get it done. Hmmmm...guess someone is growing up! :)

Then we went to the WaMu booth for rocker pictures. They took the kid's picture and gave it to them as a souvenir. Pretty cool...

From there we went to the HEB tent. Gotta love HEB, they always do a lot for the kids during this festival. This year they had a booth where the kids could color their own reusable grocery sack. I've always wanted to have some, but never wanted to shell out the I've got eight!

On to the Gibson/Sony tent...and getting to play with the new Power Tour electric guitar.

Last stop at the Kiddie Limits booths for today...The Paul Green School of Rock tent. They had the School of Rock Petting Zoo, so you know, all of the kids had to give each instrument a whirl! You might also notice that Paul Green is in a few of the photos sitting behind the kid playing the guitar.

From the Kiddie Limits area, we made our way over to the food court and the WaMu stage. We walked through the guitar town - which are guitars that have been painted by local celebrities, artists and musicians. These guitars have been displayed all over the city and are making their final appearance at ACL before going to auction.

Then onto the WaMu stage to see the Wonderful Harmonizers. You all know that I love Gospel music. (Thank you Nanny and Pop for giving that to me!) They were great and the kids and I got to have a break outta the sun, sit down and eat and really enjoy their music!

About half way through the show, I noticed there was some comotion outside the tent. So naturally, I got up to see what was going on. When I realized it was a fire that was pretty close to us, I got the kids and the stuff together and we started making our way to the other side of the park. It was a little scarey for all of us, especially since we were so close. As far as we know, 4 people were injured, only one is still in the hospital. Thank you Jesus, cause it could've been so much worse!

Back to the Kiddie Limits tent for a little fun with our friends Kennedy and Ryan. God bless them and their parents. They were out at the festival all three days and making the most of every moment. I love it when I see parents exposing their kids to all life has to offer. Way to go Heather and Brooks!

Next up...Big Sam's Funky Nation at the Kiddie Limits stage. Wow-wee...what a show! Thank you Big Sam for being so kind to our kids!

You'll notice that Big Sam had little Sam up on the stage doing the Hokey Pokey New Orleans style and got the girls up there to do it too!

At that point they held the Kiddie Limits daily drawing, where our very own Ella won a jazzy Sony Power Tour guitar. Yeah Ella!

Then we went to the Remo Drum Circle. The first drum circle for all six of us. What made it even better is that we had so many friends to share it with!

After the drum circle, we decided to make our way out in the crowd to catch a few more performances. Whew! Was that a crowd of people!

We stopped by the WaMu stage again - where we sat and ate and listened to Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective. The were great and really had the crowd going.

From there we caught most of Spoon on the AT&T stage. Really like them a LOT! Great show and great crowd.

Spoon is wrapping up and we are making our way to the AMD Stage to catch the Killers. We were wonderfully surprised to catch the last three songs from the Kaiser Chiefs. Wow - really liked their show. Gonna hafta check into some of that music. We had a laugh because the kids pointed all that all of their songs only seemed to say the same words over and over - but I liked it!

And for the final show of the evening - The Killers. Love them. Stayed for the first four songs and needed to make our way out of the gate before the herd of people. Another factor in leaving early was that we were SO SO SO far away from the stage that no one could see a thing - including the video screen.

We went home Friday night with minds full of music and love and friends and family time. What a great great great first day of the festival. We all put our tired heads on our pillows and fell asleep being thankful that we are so lucky we live in such an incredible city and have so many opportunities to expierence many different things.

Whew - now I've gotta find about 20 more hours to post about Saturday and Sunday! :)

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