Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So Glad

Like normal, this afternoon had a calendar full of activities penciled in. #1 and #3 had soccer practice, #3 had a brownie meeting/swim party, #2 was invited to hang with one of her BFFs, and #4 got to play with some of his buddies afterschool. This is a general idea of how our life is on a daily basis. And we love it...

But all of these things are not the reason for my post. The real reason for the post is to let you know how much it means to me when sincerely kind people (with no agenda) have a nice word or just plain ol' offer to help.

This afternoon there were little angels all around me watching me move through the schedule and helping me in ways that I am so grateful. One angel took #1 after school to work on homework with a school pal and then dropped him at soccer. Another angel picked #3 up from school and transported her to the brownie party. Then another angel insisted on taking #3 from the brownie party to her soccer practice. Because of the kindness of these three ladies, I was able to let #4 have time to play with his friends and I was actually able to sit down and visit with a few of my mom friends.

What a great time to sit and breathe. And how about the fact that I sat down on the stool after the brownie meeting and was handed an ice cold beverage. So I took the advice of the team mom and enjoyed those 30 minutes. I talked with the friends about myspace and blogging and ACL and stuff. And not only did the team mom encourage me to take a moment to breathe, but the coach (her husband) stayed with my girls when I was 10 minutes late to get them.

Boy-o-boy. I am feeling so blessed.

Thanks to the swim mom for the ice cold beverage served with a geniune smile.
Thanks to all of the driving moms for getting my people where they needed to be with love and care.
Thanks team mom - you sure did make my day. Really.

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Anonymous said...

I am very blessed tread your blessings and how truly grateful you are. Instead of going through life exasperated at how busy and fast life is, you are happy and thankful. Such a blessing.