Sunday, July 8, 2007

Day 2

The day started by #1 mowing the lawn to earn some extra money for camp. He said that he was paid by both Grandma and Grandpa - let's hope they know!:)

Of course, #1 is still being tour guide. He asked to go to Muir Beach which is such a beautiful place.

He said that today was one of the best days ever. They were a bit disappointed because the fog has been over the Golden Gate Bridge both days, but hopefully we will be able to see it next week when I am there to pick them up.

Here's the e-mail that I got tonight...

Hi mom.
I just talked to you, but grandma wanted me to tipe this to you. As you might know, I am so exited about tomorrow. "Finally, skate camp!"
Well, I need to finish packing up again. Then we`re going to watch a movie, and off to bed!

Night! Love you.

I love all of these children more than I could have ever imagined. We are so lucky.

The Party

Today we went to a birthday party! Our long time friends, Kristin and Trey, are so happy to celebrate their little bundle turning 3!

There were hotdogs, cake, ice cream and a fun fun inflatable waterslide! I took the pic. of #2 wearing my sunglasses. All of the other pics. were taken by #2 and you can tell she was asking #3 to pose. I just think they are all so funny - so I am sharing! :)

We Love Julia

Last night I was invited by TC to join her and her Big Kids/Lights Out girls for a fun night out. Her long time employee Julia is in the process of finishing up school and got an incredible opportunity to be a nanny for a brand new baby. So this was her fairwell dinner.

I have been so lucky to be included with this group of women. TC owns a couple of businesses and has the most wonderful relationships with all of her girls. Krob has been with her for 8 yrs.,Ruthie for 9 yrs., Julia for 5 yrs. and Chelsea for about a year (I think). They have all traveled together, played together, worked together and most of all, grown together. I feel lucky that I have been able to work with them and have tons of fun with them!

We started the night at Mars. It is a really great resturant that just opened its new location on South Congress. I had this super steak with the most delicious mashed potatoes and grilled aspargus. Mmmm, YUM!

After dinner we made our way downtown for a night of dancing at Speakeasy. This has become a bit of a tradition. (Everyone knows that TC loves to dance!) We started first on the roof top lounge which has these crazy giant couches that are the size of a double mattress. You had no choice but to lounge - which you know I am just not so comfortable doing that in public. (The rum helped me relax enough to scoot to the back of the couch.)

Then the band started, so we made our way downstairs to hear some great cover tunes, dance and watch the people show! You would not believe how the ladies dress these days. Lots of dresses and high high heels. Not many blue jeans on the girls. And most of what they are wearing is either VERY low cut or very very short. We watched one couple for a very long time. The girl was so so drunk and they were totally getting it on right on the dance floor for everyone to see. At one point her right breast was truly hanging out of her little bitty top. (I'm not exagerrating!) Another time, she was 'dancing' by bending forward over the stage/speaker and he was rubbing up against her and she knocked the speaker off of the stage! Can you believe that??? It was one the moments where you are thankful that you are not that person and you pray that your daughters will never be that person!!!

So, here's to you Julia! We all love you and I look foward to us spending some good time together in November and December while we're selling those candles!

Super Models

First Day Adventures

Talked to #1 a few times yesterday. They are having a blast. I knew they would - everyone has fun at Grandma's house. Grandma Cathy said that #1 could kind of be the tour guide since he has his best buddy with him. The first places he wanted to show the buddy were the fisherman's wharf and to eat at In-n-Out (which we all know are the best burgers on the planet).
While on the wharf they saw one of the silver guys. Every time we go to San Francisco we see one of these guys. They stand on the street and perform - kinda like a mime type show - they are really cool.

They also saw the bush man. In the picture below, you can see a man kind of behind the tree branches and all of the people are looking at him. He is this guy that sits on the wharf with a few tree limbs. He hides behind them and when people walk by, he jumps out and scares them. He is also a staple on the wharf. It is really funny to see how he freaks people out! (#1 said that he scared both he and his buddy!)

I am doing okay with all of this. I am a little sad and a little worried, but most of all I am truly excited for the incredible opportunity that #1 is having. I am glad that he is getting the chance to see the world and to know that there is more to life than just what is happening in our little life.

I know that this could seem boring to some of you. And you know that I'm not typically the one to go on and on about my kids - but this is just such a huge thing for our family. Stay with me though, you only have 9 more days of this!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Finding Lori McKenna

I am in LOVE with this musician. I saw her on an Oprah program - she wrote three of the songs on the Faith Hill Fireflies album. I have looked at all of the video clips on you tube and different website. I cannot wait until her new album comes out. She is singing my songs. I wish I could find a you tube video of the title track of her new album 'Unglamorous'.

Hope you all enjoy.

My Superhero

P.S. Thanks Kim-Krob!

Elemental Smiles

June 21 was National Go Skate Day. The big day of skating ended with an Element video premiere at Wahoo's Fish Tacos downtown. There was a photographer guy walking around taking pictures of all of the folks crammed in the restaurant waiting for the skate video. Naturally, I ask him to take a picture of #1 and his buddy. I don't know why they always make this goofy smile. Then they found out that the pic. is posted on the Skatepark of Austin website and possibly the Element site - which has caused them to give me grief saying that I should have told them so that they could smile. (You know, it makes perfect sense for it to be my fault!) The odd thing is that they don't say to each other 'hey man, make the goofy smile' - somehow they just both do it!

So here they are at the Element Video premiere, 'premiere-ing' their signature smiles...

And this morning leaving for Cali - now they've even got Steph doing it!

P.S. Thanks to my lovely sweet Amy!

Rip Off

It has never bothered me to stand in line at the airport for a security check. I understand why they are doing it and even feel a little safer because of it. I know MANY people are up in arms about having to throw away a little bottle of shampoo or whatever. I feel like the people that died in the World Trade Center would be glad to check that bag that contains toothpaste or take off their 'lace up to the knee' boots, just to be alive. I heard someone fussing this morning and it makes me so sad that this person could be SOOO self absorbed, clueless and completely missing the point. Besides, what good is fussing at the NTSA employee going to do? Do you think they like having to smell stinky feet all day? So next time you are in the airport fussing about the line or the inconvenience, try to think about the people that we all saw jumping from the top of the World Trade Center because some asshole hijacked the plane and killed thousands of innocent people. I'll do my part to fight terrorism by being patient and not fussing at the people that are trying to keep us safe. I am sure that the jerk that was fussing today prolly has a 'We'll Never Forget' t-shirt hanging in the closet. ARGH!!!! Anyhow, let me get off of my soapbox...

The big problem at the airport is the parking. They are robbing people! The first 30 minutes are free, and after that it is $2.00 per 30 minutes. My times this morning were 5:22am - 5:58am. So basically, that six minutes cost us $2.00. That is a scam! I have raced to get out of the airport before and been 1 MINUTE OVER and had to pay the $2.00. ARGH!!! And how about the fact that they are required to enter your license plate number on the receipt. I have asked a few time if they are required to put our license plate number and why, but never really seem to get a clear answer.

I will say though, that as much as the parking price frustrates me, I would like to be the parking attendant. Just like working in a toll-booth (which I might do someday), it would be fun to see all of the people all day long and get to visit with them. I know I could make someone's day better just by smiling and sharing a kind hello.

P.S. So many thanks to you Mrs. Janik!

The Big Adventure

One fifth of my heart got on a plane @ 6:35 this morning and flew away for his very first sleepover camp. I am so excited for him, and at the same time, feeling a little worried - like I need to run and grab him and keep him close to me. I know this is going to be one of the most incredible experiences of his childhood and that he is going to come home full of stories and as a changed young man.

Months ago, #1 was watching a show on Fuel TV regarding the YMCA Element Skatecamp. So we got to talking about it and he was really expressing how much he knew he could get from it. You see, #1 has two main ambitions in life (right now) - he wants to be a professional soccer player and a professional skater. So dH and I spent lots of time talking about it and we even talked w/#1 over and over and over again. And today is the day, he got on the plane this morning and flew to Oakland, where Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Steve will pick him up and drive him to the camp that is located in the Sequoia and Kings National Parks and just a few miles from the Giant Sequoia groves and Yosemite.

When the discussions seemed to be getting pretty serious, we asked him if he knew anyone that might want to join him and naturally, he asked if we could to talk to his buddy Matt's parents. Fortunately, they said yes - so he isn't there all alone.

Stephanie flew out with the boys this morning and I will be leaving Thursday morning to be there for Friday morning pick-up. Keep both boys in your thoughts and prayers as they begin their big adventure - and I will keep you posted as I receive updates.

P.S. Thank you sweet Amy!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


The Fourth of July is one of my very favorite holidays. This year the rain put a damper on most everyone's traditional Fourth of July festivities. We did make it out to Zilker Park to watch the firecracker show that is put on by the City of Austin. This is one of our Carr Family traditions. We brave the crowds, rain, mud, mosquitoes and walking back up the gigantic Robert E. Lee hill to do this every year. The show was great, the symphony was great, the firecrackers were great. I love doing this with Jeff and the kids!

And for a little trip down memory lane...

July 4th 2007

July 4th 2003

P.S. Thank you Amy!

Urban Life

Here are some of the photos from the Tuesday night Keith Urban concert. I think I am in love!

Can you believe that we were on the upper deck about half way to the top. Krob has an awesome camera because these pictures make it seem that we were pretty close to the front!

Fun with friends...Julie, me, Amanda and Krob. Good thing Krob has LOOOONG arms!

P.S. Thankey Thankey Kim Ka-Pankey! Oh, I mean K-poo.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Days Go By

Tonight I got to go and see Keith Urban play at the Frank Erwin Center. Our good friend Ellen had gotten 4 free tickets from her work, and she gave them to me. (THANK YOU ELLEN!) My friends Krob, Amanda and Julie went along. Krob was just as excited as me (if not more). Amanda and Julie weren't really familiar with his music, but I think they still had a good time.

I love Keith Urban. This is the second time that I have gotten to see him in concert. I love the sound of his music, I love his lyrics, I love his personality. I LOVE HIM!!!

Plan B

We went to Pump it Up today for Max's big birthday party. Took these pictures of the biggest kid having a blast. Looks to me like she might have another career the circus! :)

P.S. Thank you Sweet Amy.

More to love

As you all know, we have our oldest child Marcellus (the cat) who will be 12 in just a few months. And we have Canella, our little weenie dog that is 3 and has very much become a part of our family.

Thanks to my sweet Amy (and her camera), I can now introduce you to our two newest additions. In May, we got our new kitten. Her name is Jessie and she is 3 months old. She is really sweet and has become very comfortable as a part of our family.

Then about a week after we got Jessie, the kids were given (no kidding) a new Shitzu puppy that they named Louise. Louise will be three months on July 14.

Marcellus and Canella have both adjusted nicely to our two new family members and I am happy to report that it hasn't been too painful for JC either!

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Rain

Well, as most of you know, it has really been raining here a lot lately. We took the kids to see the Tom Miller Dam releasing waters from the floodgates today. It is a pretty amazing site. It is actually kind of scary because the water is up so high and moving so fast and hard. It is hard to believe that we were in extreme drought conditions this time last year. I am not sure if I have ever seen the water this high - and apparently many others haven't either. The bridge was jammed packed with cars and other pedestrian the entire time we were there. What an amazing site!

The LOVE Flag

Oh, and do you notice the flag hanging on our front porch (check out pic. in my previous post)? Well, I am VERY proud of that one! It was a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Janik when we got married. What a great newlywed gift idea. Everyone needs a flag for their new house and it is something that doesn't go out of style. And how 'bout that it is almost 17yrs. old and still flyin'! Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. J.!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

To Flag or Not To Flag

One of my favorite holidays is July 4th. As long as I can remember, I've loved it. I love the parades, the watermelon, the cooking out, the firecrackers, and most of all, the official day to stop and be thankful for our freedom and celebrate our America. I LOVE IT ALL!! So, getting in the spirit of our upcoming independence celebration, I decided to go to the store and buy some flags to decorate our little section of the neighborhood.

You can drive down many neighborhood streets in Austin and find small flags lining the road at the end of each driveway. Some put them there as an advertisement (i.e.: gift from realtor) while others are put into the ground by the HOA. I LOVE the way it looks. It gives me a huge amount of pride to drive down the road and see the flags flying in the wind.

So, I bought six flags (my budget was $5). I went outside with #2 and we stuck them in the ground at the end of our driveway, the neighbors on each side of us, and the three houses directly across the street from us. Easy enough and I love being able to look out the front windows and get a little glimpse of old glory. Well, who knew our little flags would cause such a debate.

I was very proud of our 'good deed' - so I called dH and the kids out to view the work. dH immediately said "did you ask them first". Of course I didn't ask them first - I was doing something nice and friendly and neighborly - why do I need to ask? I feel like it is harmless. So naturally, I've seen three of the neighbors and asked if it was ok and they all said yes and thank you. But I am still going back to the fact that it was even questioned. This has lead me to start a little survey. I've asked 4 of our bestest friends what they would think if they came home and there was a flag in their driveway. The votes are split. Two of my girlfriends say that they wouldn't think anything of it or that they think it would be nice. Another of my girlfriends and one of my guy friends think it could be rude or weird. One even said "how do you know they aren't in the Taliban?' (I think he was kinda joking)

So I wanna know what you think. Is it rude for me to think that everyone is overflowing with pride for our good ol' USA or should I be more aware that everyone doesn't feel the way I feel? I didn't mean to spluge my love for our country onto others - but jeez, it is the FORTH OF JULY!!! Am I looking at this all wrong?