Friday, July 6, 2007

Rip Off

It has never bothered me to stand in line at the airport for a security check. I understand why they are doing it and even feel a little safer because of it. I know MANY people are up in arms about having to throw away a little bottle of shampoo or whatever. I feel like the people that died in the World Trade Center would be glad to check that bag that contains toothpaste or take off their 'lace up to the knee' boots, just to be alive. I heard someone fussing this morning and it makes me so sad that this person could be SOOO self absorbed, clueless and completely missing the point. Besides, what good is fussing at the NTSA employee going to do? Do you think they like having to smell stinky feet all day? So next time you are in the airport fussing about the line or the inconvenience, try to think about the people that we all saw jumping from the top of the World Trade Center because some asshole hijacked the plane and killed thousands of innocent people. I'll do my part to fight terrorism by being patient and not fussing at the people that are trying to keep us safe. I am sure that the jerk that was fussing today prolly has a 'We'll Never Forget' t-shirt hanging in the closet. ARGH!!!! Anyhow, let me get off of my soapbox...

The big problem at the airport is the parking. They are robbing people! The first 30 minutes are free, and after that it is $2.00 per 30 minutes. My times this morning were 5:22am - 5:58am. So basically, that six minutes cost us $2.00. That is a scam! I have raced to get out of the airport before and been 1 MINUTE OVER and had to pay the $2.00. ARGH!!! And how about the fact that they are required to enter your license plate number on the receipt. I have asked a few time if they are required to put our license plate number and why, but never really seem to get a clear answer.

I will say though, that as much as the parking price frustrates me, I would like to be the parking attendant. Just like working in a toll-booth (which I might do someday), it would be fun to see all of the people all day long and get to visit with them. I know I could make someone's day better just by smiling and sharing a kind hello.

P.S. So many thanks to you Mrs. Janik!

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