Friday, July 6, 2007

The Big Adventure

One fifth of my heart got on a plane @ 6:35 this morning and flew away for his very first sleepover camp. I am so excited for him, and at the same time, feeling a little worried - like I need to run and grab him and keep him close to me. I know this is going to be one of the most incredible experiences of his childhood and that he is going to come home full of stories and as a changed young man.

Months ago, #1 was watching a show on Fuel TV regarding the YMCA Element Skatecamp. So we got to talking about it and he was really expressing how much he knew he could get from it. You see, #1 has two main ambitions in life (right now) - he wants to be a professional soccer player and a professional skater. So dH and I spent lots of time talking about it and we even talked w/#1 over and over and over again. And today is the day, he got on the plane this morning and flew to Oakland, where Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Steve will pick him up and drive him to the camp that is located in the Sequoia and Kings National Parks and just a few miles from the Giant Sequoia groves and Yosemite.

When the discussions seemed to be getting pretty serious, we asked him if he knew anyone that might want to join him and naturally, he asked if we could to talk to his buddy Matt's parents. Fortunately, they said yes - so he isn't there all alone.

Stephanie flew out with the boys this morning and I will be leaving Thursday morning to be there for Friday morning pick-up. Keep both boys in your thoughts and prayers as they begin their big adventure - and I will keep you posted as I receive updates.

P.S. Thank you sweet Amy!

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