Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two Wheel Fun

We reached a major milestone at our house last month. We are officially a training wheel free zone. Miles learned how to ride a two wheeler! We were outside riding up and down the side walk one night and he said he didn't want the training wheels anymore. So Jeff took them off and there he went!

The kids have always loved riding bikes. I feel so glad that we live in a neighborhood where they can ride up and down the sidewalk to their hearts content.

We have also been letting the older kids go on night rides. Usually one of us will go with them. We leave around 10ish and ride for an hour or so. It is such a great feeling to ride at night while the rest of the world is getting ready to hit the sack. I guess now that school is starting, we'll have to do our night rides on Friday or Saturday night.

We had so much fun riding with all of our friends this summer. Seems like when the kids had a friend over, the first thing they did was jump on a bike and experience that taste of summer time freedom!

P.S. I got so wrapped up in having fun with the kids this summer that I lost track of my blog - so now I am playing catch up. Hope you all don't mind too much.

And I'm Not The Only One

Oh, and BTW, it's not like I am the only book worm on Dulcet Drive. Jeff has been reading like a mad man! In the last month he read Harry Potter #5 and #6 and he is waiting for #7 to come out on paperback (unless we can borrow it from someone). He also read all of the books that the big kid read this summer and started re-reading some of his old Stephen King books. I love it that my husband reads. I love it that we read with our kids. Books are a gift and I think the door has opened for the kids to really see what an exciting adventure they can have just by turning a page.

I Love Morelli

About a year ago, my other mother Tracey gave me two Janet Evanovich books (#9 and #11). She said that I didn't need to read them in order and that she knew that I would just LOVE them. I thought about reading them, but always seemed to pass over them when selecting something new to read.

Then in July, Stephanie and I were traveling to get the boys from camp, and I noticed that she was reading one of the books and laughing hysterically. The only way I might be able to get her to stop reading the book was to tell her that her boyfriend Daniel Craig was waiting for her to join him in the surf.
On that 4 day vacation, Stephanie read three of the books (at least I think it was three). Come to find out, my mother-in-law Cathy loves the books and had gotten Stephanie started with #1 and #2.

Well, you all know that I can't stand to miss anything. So had to borrow #1 and figure out what all of the hype was about.

Friends - I gotta tell you...these are some great books. I HAVE READ ALL 12 BOOKS IN A LITTLE OVER A MONTH (13 if you count the Christmas one). Now you know they gotta be great for me to be that interested. I asked Jeff today if anyone went hungry while I went on my reading binge! I have laughed and cried with all of the characters. When I grow up I wanna be Grandma Mazur. I wish I had self confidence that Lula has and maybe, just maybe, I might get a lime green spandex mini skirt and wear it around town! I am in love with Morelli and in lust of Ranger and I am sure that I have a little Stephanie Plum in me.

The books are fast pace, easy read, smart books. It's no wonder they have all been on the NYTimes best seller list.

Thank you other mother Tracey, thank you Stephanie and thanks Cathy. All of you brought a little something special into my life.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Love Troy

The premier of High School Musical 2 was a huge event at our house. The girls waited for months for the movie to come out. We bought the CD in advance so we could learn all of the words to the songs before the debut.

We had a party and the girls had 19 friends come over to watch with us.

What a great great time we all had. We are so glad that most all of our good friends were able to join us and quite a few of my mom friends were able to come and join in on the fun too!

The girls prepared the food (well, most of it) and decorated the house. Once it was finally time for the movie to start - everyone was so excited!

I have to say that I agree with the girls and we think that Troy Bolton is pretty darn cute. And the movie and the music is really pretty enjoyable too!

We can't wait for the third installment!

5,4,2 and Last First Day of Pre-K

Boo hoo. I am sad. Yesterday was the first day of school and EVERYONE knows that I hate for the summer to end. We had the very best summer. We had so so so much fun being together.

All of the kids were excited to start school. The big kids started back to Barton Hills Elementary yesterday. Sam is in 5th grade, Ella is in 4th grade and Jena is in 2nd grade.

You might notice that Sam has MANY holes in his mouth. Only 4 baby teeth left. Unbelieveable!

Doesn't Ella look super jazzy with her 'happy' shirt and cool shorts/backpack!

And you know this might be the last year that I'll be allowed in the classroom to take pictures of Jena on the first day of school.

Miles started back to First United Methodist Preschool today. I am a little sad because today was our last first day of pre-school. Next year our baby will leave the wonderful safe preschool that all of our kids have attended and go to Kindergarten. How in the world did that happend?

We didn't get a great pic. of Miles this morning, but this is what he looks like RIGHT now. He is wiped out! Must have been a very fun day. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nail on the Head

A person that is nice to you, but rude to a waiter, is not a nice person.