Tuesday, August 28, 2007

5,4,2 and Last First Day of Pre-K

Boo hoo. I am sad. Yesterday was the first day of school and EVERYONE knows that I hate for the summer to end. We had the very best summer. We had so so so much fun being together.

All of the kids were excited to start school. The big kids started back to Barton Hills Elementary yesterday. Sam is in 5th grade, Ella is in 4th grade and Jena is in 2nd grade.

You might notice that Sam has MANY holes in his mouth. Only 4 baby teeth left. Unbelieveable!

Doesn't Ella look super jazzy with her 'happy' shirt and cool shorts/backpack!

And you know this might be the last year that I'll be allowed in the classroom to take pictures of Jena on the first day of school.

Miles started back to First United Methodist Preschool today. I am a little sad because today was our last first day of pre-school. Next year our baby will leave the wonderful safe preschool that all of our kids have attended and go to Kindergarten. How in the world did that happend?

We didn't get a great pic. of Miles this morning, but this is what he looks like RIGHT now. He is wiped out! Must have been a very fun day. :)

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