Friday, May 30, 2008

May 8

After a very hot and fun track and field day, we went to E's softball game. The South Austin Swingin' Bats beat the Rollingwood Team and E had a great game. Caught a line drive to 3rd to get the batter out and had an awesome RBI. She's lovin' the softball and the game is really starting to come together for her.

Now this next series of pictures is me trying to get a photo of my four kids together on the stands.

#1 - okay everybody - look this way...

#2 - M, put your snacks down and say cheese - oh well, here comes our friends...everybody say cheese...

#3 - Where'd M go? I told him to scoot over to get in the picture and he scooted the wrong way and slid himself right off the bleachers. It was a $10,000 AFHV moment. Too bad we don't have a video camera. We all laughed and laughed and he cried and cried.

Then on the way home we had to stop and take this picture and remember how blessed we are and what an incredible creator we have.

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Texicana said...

Wow! The sky is breathtaking as are the Carrs! Love ya'll!