Friday, November 26, 2010

I Think I Get It Now

Seems like one of my holiday traditions is to have hurt feelings. I always manage to feel bad because we invite and invite and invite our family to spend the holidays with us and we always end up alone.

I understand that it can be hard to travel during the holidays. I understand that work and other obligations come first. (how could anyone/anything possibly come before our perfect family? ha!) We are normally chained to this area because JC is on call, so that means staying close to home.

For years JC has been telling me that it will all be okay because we are creating our own family traditions. JC hugs me and loves me and reassures me that when these kids grow up they will WANT to come home and be with us.

Yesterday after OUR family Thanksgiving dinner, I asked JC to take a picture of me and the kids. Without me knowing, he was clicking away while we were trying to get all set-up. What a beautiful surprise to find these pictures on the camera this morning.

I think I might get it now.

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Amy J. said...

Oh wow, everything looks so, so yummy and fancy! Love the dishes and the grape soda wine glasses, and everyone having so much fun pitching in!

That JC is a wise, wise man. Even I want to come home to your house for Thanksgiving!!