Saturday, May 12, 2012

That's Gonna Leave Mark

"you know it's been a good day when you've pee'd at the shoe more than your own bathroom."
For a handful of years, the driveway girls have been going to the same table at the same bar and drinking the same beer from the same bartenders.

This is our place.
We laugh together.
We cry together.
We play the same songs on the jukebox.
We listen to the same dumb jokes.
We say hey to the other regulars.
We laugh some more.
But most of all, we listen to each other - without judgment.

If that table could talk, it could tell so so many stories.
Most nights when we walk in, it has been reserved for us by Dixie.

You could say that we are regulars.

A few months back, Dixie mentioned that she would put our picture over the table.
We kinda chewed on it for a few months and asked if we could do a little plaque instead.
Something to represent us and our genuine love for each other and our friendship.

So our hope is if you ever find yourself sitting at our table at the Horseshoe Lounge that our plaque will be a reminder to be a friend.
Without judgment.
That you will listen with all of your heart and you will open your mind.
That you will understand that our differences are what make us stronger.
And most of all, we hope you will laugh.


Antoinette said...

That is priceless. Now I'll have to go pay homage to the plaque. ;)

Heather said...

:) Love it!

Heather said...

:) Love it!