Thursday, January 3, 2008

About Water

You might have noticed that three of our kids got fancy water bottles with their Christmas money. Well, first of all, they were on sale for $5 at REI (Christmas designs)- if you can even believe that. And secondly, we are trying SO SO SO hard to be responsible with our money and even for our environment. Buying bottled water on a daily basis is nutty. All of the kids take water bottles to school on a daily basis and a good portion of their friends bring a NEW water bottle to school everyday. Sometimes two per day!!! Not to mention that they take a drink to every sports practice - and we aren't buying Gatorade for all four kids multiple times per week!

Well, I am telling you, those Nalgene bottles are the tops! The do not get squished in the backpack, the lids don't pop open and leak water everywhere and they last forever. I think there is enough evidence showing that the polycarbonate that they are made from is safe and every Nalgene bottle is made in the USA. You gotta love that.

We've tested the responsibility level of making it home daily with your water bottle and they have all managed to make it happen, so wa-la - you finally get a fancy water bottle!

Yippee! We love Nalgene!!!

P.S. In case you are wondering, #1 got his first Nalgene bottle while at camp this summer in the Sequoia National Forest! :) I know it is a dumb thing to blog about, but I love these water bottles.


Isaiah5513 said...

We love Nalgene bottles too. I can tell you from experience they will not survive a fall on concrete. In fact Sam threatened never to let me use "his" Nalgene bottle again.

Heather and Stephen said...

That's not dumb! I love them, too! AND, I hear you can buy inserts that make them easier to drink out of!

SB isn't allowed to use mine for stays in there, I can smell it! But he has his own, two in fact! :)

Amy J. said...

Ok, I need to get me one of these Nalgene bottles. I just keep refilling the same old 33.8-oz bottles, but I saw a news story the other day about how they grow bacteria after a while and it's not good to do that... REI, here I come. Again, inspired by your family!