Monday, August 25, 2008

6, 5, 3, K

Yes, today is the day. School has officially started. We had a great morning. S, E, and M did not fall asleep until almost 11pm last night - even thought they went to bed at 8:30pm. J got up at 5:50am this morning - she was pretty darn excited.

Hard to believe that when S is a senior in high school, W will be starting Kindergarten!

J was REALLY excited because she has a new to the school teacher. She (the teacher) seems so nice and friendly.

E has the same teacher that S had last year for 5th grade. There are only two 5th grade classes though, so she will have both of the teachers throughout the day.

How in the world do we have a kid old enough to be in the 6th grade? We are so thankful that our school offers 6th grade. We are one of the few schools in Austin that still has a 6th grade - so S didn't have to go off to middle school (junior high). He was excited because most all of his close friends stayed for 6th grade and since there is only one 6th grade class, they will all be together.

And M...well, he has Mrs. Vickers. Just the very best Kindergarten teacher on the planet. She is the reason that J wants to be a teacher. We are SO happy that we got her again. He was very excited this morning and ready to get started. He walked right into the classroom and waved good-bye.

You might also notice that S and M are wearing matching shirts. That was their idea. JC took them to pick out a first day of school outfit and this is what they came back with. :)

I'll be watching the clock until 2:45pm - and will let you know how it all turned out!

P.S. Thanks Momo for the first day of school clothes!

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Heather and Stephen said...

Everyone looks great, excited and grown up. W doesn't seem to like that bright early morning sun! Me either little man! Sleep in while you can!