Friday, August 1, 2008

These are MY People

I am thinking that there is a chance that this post could seem insensitive, but know that it is truly not my intention. You see, it seems that I have an insane amount of email messages and and even greater number of phone calls that I need to respond to. So I am gonna make a blanket response to everyone (or at least to you blog readers).

No...the baby hasn't come yet. Just know that when it does come, JC will be speedy to update the blog and send out the message to the family and friends. I am not able to remember if I gave daily updates regarding the status of my lower half for the other pregnancies - but I do know that I am not interested in doing it this time. Just not so much my style for people to know that business.

We are all doing well. I have been a little under the weather this week, so the kids and I have been staying close to home. I don't have a clue if the baby will be here in 1 day or 10 - but that is just kinda how it seems to go with me.

I have also been trying my hardest to spend some real quality time with our people that are actually out of the womb before the new one joins the clan. They are all really really excited and I am trying my hardest to make sure they all know how lucky this new kid is to have them for brothers and sisters.

This is a very bittersweet time for me. I am really looking forward to holding our new baby and I am also very sad because summer is almost over - and everyone knows that summer is my very favorite time of year. It just kills me that the fab four will head to school in less than a month. Not because we don't love their school or because we don't think they are getting an exceptional education - but for selfish reasons. I really like them and I REALLY love spending everyday (all day) with them. And on top of it, #4 starts kindergarten this year. Ugh...where has the time gone? (Now don't get me wrong, we've got two grounded from the computer for a week, one that won't stop hitting people and all of the other normal things that happen with kids in the summer. So I'm not at all implying that they are perfect or that I've got this parenting thing down.)

So anyhow, that is the update. I've got tons to blog about, but the truth is, the computer has not been a top priority for me lately. Just know that we appreciate you phone calls and kind emails and when the baby arrives, we will make sure that you all know.

love ~kc

P.S. The pic. above is us at Minute Maid Park on July 18. Gotta love those Astros!


Heather and Stephen said...

I LOVE the picture!!! Shame the baby isn't visible in it so you could use it for Christmas cards!

And don't worry about everyone else. Worry about you and J, S, E, J, and M and #5. We'll hear from you when it's time. We know that. (I'm taking some liberties in who I'm speaking for, but I'm pretty sure everyone understands.)

Anonymous said...

Love you Kathy....Just know we will be deep breathing over here at Sunse Trail with you until little dude is visit ready.


christy said...

KC, Yes and no, on whether I realize how many more people I touch.
It blesses me to know that it touched you. God knows the needs of all and the ways in which He supplies them are not containable.