Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sparkling Emeralds

I have never owned an emerald. But I did work at Emeralds once.

One of the most outstanding things about working at Emeralds was the girls. And boy-o-boy, it was a load of young girls living life and having fun.

I was one of the oldest employees (ha) and there were only two of us that had kids.

I loved hanging with all of those young girls. They were always trying to help me with the hip and trendy.

I am pleased to say that I am still friends with a handful of the girls that I worked with.

I feel very lucky that I have such a great relationship with Robyn and Jeri Lynn. Over the last 10 years, I feel like I have watched them grow up.

We worked in the backroom, they introduced me to Coldplay and the Gourds. I introduced them to spit-up and diapers.

They were the first girls that we ever let keep our kids.

The first diaper Robyn ever changed was for Miles and now she has two sweet babies of her own.

Robyn and Brent came to Sam's 4th birthday party and Brent taught him how to ride a skateboard. Isn't that something? A few years later, she became his beautiful bride.

When Robyn got married, Jeri Lynn danced with our girls. And now she dances with her own sweet baby.

If I could have our daughters grow up to be like anyone in the world, it would be these two young women. Full of love, optimism and a smile for everyone that passes their way. They were never afraid to take advantage of every opportunity that life had to offer. And when they love, they LOVE BIG. And I love that.

I also love that we still have them in our lives.

And that they are still sharing their life experiences with me and our kids.

Oh how lucky we are.

This past week we had a chance to play at the park with their kids.

We were also lucky enough to visit Jeri Lynn in the Austin studio of her jewelry company Herndon and Heald. (Yep - they are famous!) And can you believe that they really make all of that jewelry by hand. Melting every piece of metal to create those beautiful sparkles. Wow. Whew I grow up, I think I might pick up the Sundance catalog and buy myself a pair of their beautiful earrings!

And the kids and I also got visit with her fab husband, Ian, and see some of his mind blowing art up close. We spent about an hour in Ian's Austin studio learning about his art process and about the job of being an artist. Wouldn't it be great if we could hop on our jet and see his work first hand at Barry Friedman in NYC?

If only every child could be fortunate enough to have folks like Robyn, Jeri Lynn, Brent and Ian in their lives. I know we are thankful.

I know I am counting my lucky stars.

And I am so looking forward to making so many more memories together.


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Great photo story! How super-cool that your friends are working artists, making a living from their work! So rare these days, it seems.