Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8, 7, 5, 2 and I GO MOMMA.

(Carr 5.)
(Made some of them get up SUPER early to take this yearly shot.)

And so here we go. Another first day of school marked off the calendar. The kids were so excited. I am so so so bummed. I don't like it when school starts. I like for my people to be happily riding their bikes, flopping in the pool or just laying on the couch watching the Price is Right.

(8th grader and kid that thinks he is going.)

School makes me sad. I was texting with my friend IRL today and we were talking about how it seems unnatural to send your children away. Don't get me wrong, we love our very special little public school. We feel so fortunate to have our kids in a school that has 354 kids from K-6th grade.

(2nd grader and kid that is trying to sneak in.)

So SBW and I held each other yesterday. And today. I haven't done dishes. I haven't done laundry. We are just moping around waiting for the time to be right and the front door fly open.

(7th grader with sneaky little 2 year old.)

The good news is...they all had a GrEAt first day. Yes they did. And they loved seeing their friends. And they loved having Ding Dongs in their lunch boxes. And they loved coming home and resting on the couch while watching Cake Boss.

(5th grader and the brutha that thinks he is going with her.)

And how 'bout these sweet kids of ours.

Hard to believe that we only have FOUR first days of school with Sam. FOUR. FOUR. FOUR.

Thankful every single day for this little guy. Cause we've got 16 more first days with him. Whew!


Antoinette said...

Beautiful photos, K -- and your children are just gorgeous! Love that 2-year-old looks like a mini-me of 2nd grader now that the hair is all buzzed!

Anonymous said...