Monday, August 24, 2009

7, 6, 4 and 1

You might remember from previous posts (2007/2008) how much I don't love this day. I know it is exciting. I know that it is fun. But I really enjoy having the kids at home. And it is not just me, SBW is missing them too!!!

#1 is headed to 7th grade today! Can you even believe it???? We were all (J, K and S) up most of the night worrying and fretting about it all. I know he is going to do fine. I don't know if I am gonna be fine though. I AM embracing every age and stage of life - but it is also so sad to think that we only have FIVE more first days of school with him. He is growing way way way too fast.

And you know I couldn't let him start 7th grade without getting the pair of shoes that he wanted. So we went off the beaten path and let him get some perfectly 80's tennis shoes!

#2 was very excited about this first day of 6th grade. She tried on lots and lots of clothes before she got her perfect look! I had to smile when I looked at her this morning because it totally felt like some sort of flashback. :)

#3 was feeling jazzy with her striped shirt, dangley earrings and knee-high socks. I love that she feels good about herself. I have a feeling that 4th grade is going to be a good year for her!

#4 was very very excited about the first day of 1st grade, his first time to have a man teacher and his new tennis shoes that don't have shoe laces. He was up and floating in the bathtub at the crack of dawn with no problems!

Walking to school was sure nice this morning, but boy-o-boy, those hills can really mess with ya!

I wonder if #4's teacher will let him keep his most special hat on his desk all day long?

As normal, one of the kids ended up not having everything they needed to start the day just right. Go figure that our biggiest worrier ended up at school with nothing to write with. How in the world did we forget to pack her pencils??? So then when I went in to kiss her and give her love on her first day she was in a full on panic. Ugh. At least she is still smiling though and that her neighbor let her borrow a pencil!

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Anonymous said...

They are all so beautiful KC. You are a very lucky girl. :-)