Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The chicken or the egg?

Up again before the rest of the world. Oh, except I guess the rest of the world was probably up and it is just my people that have taken to sleeping past 10am every single morning. Took #1 to his middle school camp at 8am this morning. I did not comb his hair, but JC did strategically turn on the water sprinkler so that #1 would get wet when getting into the car!

JC has had jury duty this week. It has been hard for him and even harder for me. Seems that someone was accused of doing bad things with a kid. A kid that was the same sex and same age as one of our kids. It hurts me. It makes me sad. I could not have sat in that courtroom and listened to it. I would not have been able to sit in that room and listened to a child talk about their innocence being taken away. Hard stuff. Hard hard stuff. The first night he came home and had a terrible headache. That was the day that the kid talked. He didn't talk to us very much that night. Ugh...

I don't know details or any information about the case. We talked last night and decided that once it is all over - we will sit down with our kids and tell them about it. We will tell them to protect themselves and their bodies. We will remind them that even people we think of as friends can sometimes do very bad things. We will hold them and remind them that we are doing every.single.thing. possible to protect them. The whole thing makes my stomach hurt. Talk about timing, huh?

I scrambled 8 eggs this morning. So that brings our grocery count up to 2 dozen eggs for the week - since Sunday. Boy these kids can fly through some food! The funny thing about the eggs is that I can cook a ton of them and I do not eat a single one. For some reason, I just can't do eggs anymore. They REALLY gross me out. bleck.

I am not sure what we are going to do for these final days of summer. I think I might lock the doors and keep them all inside with me.

Cause that sounds perfectly rational.


becky said...

What is it with eggs? I can't do them anymore either! Bleh! And how do you convince the kids they're good for them when you won't touch them!

Heather and Stephen said...

This made me cry. I'm so sad for Jeff and for you and most for that child. be a parent and have to have this talk...:(

I also cannot do eggs much anymore. no idea why.