Sunday, August 23, 2009

The One

The one year old SBW had his one year old partay this weekend. We went to a neighborhood park and pool to splash around with family and friends.

I just can't believe that our sweet baby is already one. The folks that we invited to this party are friends and family that helped us make it through the first year. These friends fall into the categories of baby holders when I needed an extra set of arms, best buddies when our kids needed a break from the fam or beer buyers when mom needed a night out. I am SO thankful for all of our friends.

I love this picture of our kids so much. My heart has been captured on film while sitting at a party and saying cheese.

P.S. And thanks to our sweet AJ for not just being one of my BFFs but for also taking these incredible shots at the partay. She also took 204 more pictures, but I can't figure out how to get them off of Shutterfly to post on the blog.


christy said...

That middle picture with the galsses needs framin'! icing :)

Amy J. said...

:-) I forgot to tell you - I'm sorry that my kid is crowding your kid picture! I would have liked to have gotten your five by themselves for a pic, but you know how bad we all want to be a part of your family!