Monday, December 13, 2010

For the LOVE of Gabba

It is funny how over the course of 14 years of children, TV programs come and go. Our older two kids loved the Teletubbies and Barney. Jena was over the moon for Dora. And Miles was mad about Max and Ruby. We were clueless about all of the new childrens shows on the tube when Wyatt came into our lives. One day, Jeff happened to turn the TV on to Yo Gabba Gabba. And that is all it took. Wyatt was sucked in. And before we knew it, so was the rest of our family.

Most of the time when we mention Yo Gabba Gabba to friends, they look at us like we are crazy. But there are a few friends with younger kids that are crazed for Gabba too. Gabba is like a cult. Once you start watching, you are hooked and you gravitate toward other Gabba lovers! And the thing about Gabba lovers is that they share the love.

We have been the lucky recipients of some great Gabba love. My girlfriend Shauna (yep, you got it - friends since Kinder. boo-ya!) sent Wyatt a BOX FULL of Gabba clothes that her son Grey had outgrown.

(Grey in one of his fab homemade Gabba shirts.)

Grey is the original Gabba fan. He was watching the show before there was merchandise and his awesome momma was making him homemade Gabba clothes.

(Grey hangin' out on the cover of People with DJ Lance and Jack Black.)

It is pretty safe to say that Wyatt has worn Gabba shirts non-stop for the last few months. The hand me downs from Grey have become his only acceptable clothing. We are so thankful that Shauna thought of us when sending such a special care package.

Then last week I was fretting about the fact that Yo Gabba Gabba Live was coming to our city and we opted not to pay the $50 per ticket to see the show. (Really, 2 weeks before Christmas you are gonna charge that crazy amount to attend a children's show?!?! Gah!)

I saw on facebook that my friend Sharon was also feeling the same frustration about the cost of the show. I commented on her status that we were in the same boat and went about my business of trying not to be bummed that Wyatt wasn't going to get to see the show.

And then out of the blue on Friday night, I got a call from Sharon that she had scored 4 FREE tickets to the show and they invited me and Wyatt to join them.

(Sharon and Daniel sportin' their rad DJ Lance glasses!)

OMG!! I thought I was gonna D.I.E. No way! Get out of town!

(Me and the happy boy just waitin' for the show to start!)

So Sharon and her sweet boy Daniel came over and picked us up and we were on our way.
Wyatt was thrilled. From the moment we walked into the performance center, he was busting with excitement!

(All smiles for these two awesome kids.)

As every character came on the stage, he was screaming their names! He danced and sang along and had the very very best time ever.

(There's a Party in MY City!)

What an incredibly kind thing for Sharon to do for our boy. He hasn't stopped talking about it all weekend. He has been wearing his DJ Lance paper glasses every single day. (Thank goodness I went back into the arena and picked up 4 more pairs from the floor.)

Thank you Shauna and Sharon for showing our boy so much Gabba love. We are so thankful for you both.

(Carr 5 rockin' it out DJ Lance style!)

Showing kindness to the people around you is such a gift. I just hope that I can do something nice for someone that crosses my path and make them feel as special as you have made us feel.

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Amy J. said...

Holy Moly!! HOW on earth did you forget to mention that Wyatt got to see Gabba after all?? (Wait... don't answer that. Stupid question - it's not like you're not insanely busy with eleventy billion things going on at once...!) But wow, how awesome that your friend was able to share the tickets with you - I'm so so glad you were able to go! And omg, I hafta see that homemade Gabba gear. That just looks too cool for school.