Thursday, January 6, 2011

Train Days

When the big kids started back to school, Wyatt had a very very hard time. He missed his buddies. He was all by himself ALL DAY LONG. So I started looking for things to do.

One Thursday in August, we went to ride the Zilker Park Zephyr. And it stuck. Thursdays became our train days.


On occasion we have a visitor.

Although, Baby Steve joins us more than any of our friends in real life.

But most of the time, it is just us. Me and my sweet baby Wyatt.

Sometimes we laugh and talk. Sometimes we feed the birds. But most of the time, we just hold each other and watch the world go by.

We've learned a lot on the train.

We've learned that sometimes the grown-up men need to sleep on the tables in the morning because they are really really tired. And sometimes, we have just eaten breakfast, but they are already cooking out for lunch.

We've learned that everyone smiles and waves when they see you coming on the train. Mostly we wave at children. Sometimes we feel bad because they can't be on the train with us. Especially if every seat on the train is empty except for the one we are sitting in.

Even the grumpy grown-ups that hafta stop their morning jog will crack a smile when they see us coming. And that is such a nice feeling. The grownups always spend so much time on the computers, plugged into the music and glued to the cellphones. But when we go past on the train, they always look up and wave and smile. Wow.

We've learned to be thankful for the man that plays his guitar every.single.Thursday for the kids on the train. We listen, watch, clap and even throw a dollar or two on weeks that we have a little extra.

If only everyone could take a ride on the train and see what we see.
Sometimes I wish everyday was a train day.


Heather and Stephen said...

LOVE the new banner and love the train day post! :)

Anonymous said...

Where are the tissues?

This was a fantastic post!