Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Driving Me Nuts

(don't you just love the mailbox that my sweetie made me for Christmas)

Last week I was standing outside talking on the phone. It was around 9:30pm. The weirdest thing happened. A man drove up in a white Toyota pickup with a white camper. He sat in front of our house for a few minutes. Then he got out, walked over to the mailbox and hung a handful of paper towels from the mardi gras beads.

I called out 'hey there'.
No response.

I said 'can I help you'.
No response.

Then I said 'what are those for'.

I know he could hear me because I was off the phone and walking towards him up the stairs.

He got in his truck and drove away.

It is driving me nuts.
Who does stuff like that?

Jeff says to stop worrying about it.
I can't, it is driving me nuts.

Jeff says if I hadn't been out there to see it happen, I would never know because the paper towels would have probably blown away.

I think I saw the truck driving down the street today.
It was all I could do to not get in the car and chase after it.

It might be kinda hard to explain to the kids why I was screaming at them to get in the car and why we were chasing the white truck.

Besides, I am no good at conflict/confrontation.

Really paper towel dude.
Why did you do this to me?

(I kinda hope you step in an ant pile the next time you do this to someone.)


Antoinette said...

That is SO RANDOM. Even more so now that I see the photo. What a weirdo!!!!

Heather and Stephen said...

still no idea? That would totally be driving me nuts!