Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Time

I have been blog absent again. But I guess you figured that out.

Things have just been nuts around here. Seems like it is hard to find the time to put thoughts together.

I think a lot about things I want to post. And then I sit down to do it. At 2am. And then I realize that it is nuts and I should just try to sleep.

But now it is summer. And I am going to do my best. Because I like to blog. Because I like the life documentation. Because I have a lot to say. And because I learn a lot from myself when I sit down and write it down and then look at it the next day.

So here goes.
Can you even stand it?
Yeah, me either.


JL said...

glad to have you back. i miss you when you are gone.

Amy J. said...

Yippppeeee! Welcome back, friend.