Wednesday, June 29, 2011


One of the things that I brought home with me from the Country Stampede was a feeling of sadness for a mom and dad that I have never even met.

Thursday night, Heather and I were getting dinner and we saw a flier about this kid, Jacob Kreutzer. He died last year at the Country Stampede. He was 19.

His parents handed out almost 30,000 fliers to folks attending the festival this year.

Click here for local news story about Jacob's parents quest to find information.

How do you send your grown kid to a music festival and handle the phone call that he was found dead?

How do you wake up every single morning not knowing how your kid died?

I don't understand how these things happen.

My heart hurts for these parents.

And I guess if I was them, I would be doing the same thing. Standing outside all day long handing out fliers with the simple hope that just one person would come forward and say that they knew something. Just one person.

Oh God, how I am so thankful for every single day that our kids are safe. That the kids in our village are safe.

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Heather and Stephen said...

So, I'm just now checking the blog since the "Sick" post, and what a time to check it. I was unloading some stuff from the car today and came across the flyer. I teared up and said a prayer for Jacob's family that they would find some peace in all of the sadness and uncertainty. :(
Really liked the "Luke" post. Had a great time and love you!