Sunday, August 14, 2011

Memory Full

I can never seem to figure out why my camera memory is always full. ALWAYS FULL!!!

So I start looking through the pictures last night - and I had to laugh because I seriously take a zillion pictures a day. OF EVERYTHING. Everything that I see.

This is a very small recap of the week through my phone camera. Hope you enjoy.

ACL billboards going up on Barton Springs Road. This is a sign that one of the most wonderful times of the year is coming soon! YIPPEE!!

My favorite neighborhood grocery store has been bought out. I am sad. I am trying to be positive. I keep telling myself it will be okay. I WILL MISS YOU SUN HARVEST.

The old Chevy hits 200,000. Holy cow!

Driving through the park in the early morning and saw these dogs going nuts about a squirrel up a light pole. I also loved that the dog owner was sitting kinda far away enjoying the show.

Snake in our neighbor's pool. Got a huge laugh because our neighbor is a pretty big black guy and he came out in his sexy swim shorts and was 'screaming like a white woman in a horror movie'!!! (his words - not mine)

Love cactus art.

Awesome 3 year old bed head!


Antoinette said...

Ahhhhhh, what a week! Congrats on 200k and age 3! You are still alive! ;)

Heather and Stephen said...

That bed head is FANTASTIC!! All great photos of life recorded! You should take your card or cable or however you can get photos off the phone, upload them all to a photo site and get a book!