Monday, April 16, 2012

Giving Love

Once again, our family is setting out to ride our bicycles and raise money for those less fortunate than us. All 7 Carrs will be participating in the Hill Country Ride for Aids, a beautiful ride through the Texas Hill Country that raises money for folks living in Central Texas that have HIV/AIDS.

I think some of you have wondered why we do this ride.
A few years ago, we talked as a family about doing something to help those less fortunate than us. We wanted to do something that benefited people in our own community. We wanted to do an event that allowed the younger kids to participate. And we wanted to branch out and put ourselves outside our normal group of friends/neighbors, meet new people and even become friends with folks that have a different life style than our own.

How could we have known when we started doing this ride 4 years ago, that it would become such a part of our lives? We have made so many new friends, we have become closer as a family and our family has been listed in the top 100 ride fundraisers for the last 3 years. In addition, the team we helped to start - the Heavy Breathers - was the largest team last year with over 80 riders and we have more kids on our team than all other teams combined.

Did you know that all of the money you have helped us to raise has stayed right here in our own community and has benefited 10 non-profit organizations?
Did you know that we have personally been able to hear from a few of the benefactors about how this money bought medicine, provided counseling, and paid for hospice care for people in our area with HIV/AIDS?
I hope you know that our entire family is working hard to raise funds.
We are all sending out emails, Jena has made a lemonade stand and is donating all of her money to help the cause, the older kids have taken flyers to school and we tell just about everyone we know how important this cause is to us and our community.

I always feel awkward and a little bad asking for donations. But then I think about the person that is alone and dying with no money, no medicine or hope and I realize that it is something that we've got to do.

If you are so inclined to donate, please know that we sincerely thank you.
We wouldn't ask if it wasn't something that we believe in whole heartily.

Please know that every donation helps - even $5.

donate by clicking here

And I encourage you to watch this video - you will be moved! (and watch for Carrs and loads and loads of Heavy Breathers!)
With love and gratitude.
The Carr Family
Jeff, Kathy, Sam, Ella, Jena, Miles and Wyatt

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