Sunday, July 1, 2012

hometown heartbreak

Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale

Most of you know that we are from a small Texas town.

That we are proud to be from a small Texas town.

One of the things that makes being from the Manvel/Alvin area so great, is that when something happens to someone from home, everyone rallies.
Last week, something terrible happened to someone from home.
Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale was shot and killed while at work.

This is heartbreaking.

I didn't really know Roy personally, but I knew who he was. He and his wife graduated the year before me and I remember that he was one of the proud wearers of those super cute blue corduroy FFA jackets.

I am also an acquaintance of his wife, Kim. Again - as small towns go, my parents worked with her dad in scouts, her grandparents lived on Jeff's cul-de-sac and so on and so forth...

I can't imagine the pain that this loss has cause their family, their community, their friends.

I have trouble understanding why someone would do something so senseless.
And I have pride.

Pride in our town.

And in our friends.

I so truly hope that the love that is pouring out from our classmates, acquaintances, and people from our town brings comfort to his family.

To so so so many, he will always be a real life hero.

Perhaps they are not the stars,
but rather openings in Heaven
where the love of our lost ones
pours through and shines down upon us
to let us know they are happy.
~Author Unknown

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