Wednesday, September 26, 2012

50 years

i wish i knew what this young girl thought her life would be

this weekend was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.
50 years - that is a loooonnnnngggggg time.

even at the end, she still found a way to smile
we decided to go home and celebrate their marriage with her.  she wanted to go to the salsa fest at the miller outdoor theatre.
it was a lot of fun.

although she is alone, she won't ever be alone
i think she liked our attempt to remember the good times.  no matter what the situation, 50 years with the same person deserves to be recognized.
even if it was just 49 years and 10 months.

celebrating the good times
i guess when people get married, we all believe it will be forever.  we want it to be forever.
even though his death was no surprise, i think she had been thinking about her 50th wedding party just like a young girl dreams of their wedding day.

so when she says she wants to spend the morning at the cemetary alone, who am i to question?

just weird

P.S.  feel i should point out, don't think it is weird momma sat at the cemetary.  just weird that he is in the ground.  still hard to believe.

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