Thursday, September 6, 2012


i miss summer.
leaving to take one to run cross country.
then will come back and take the next one to volleyball at 6:40am.
then 7:20 elementary.
then 8:00 high school.
then 9:00 preschool.
then dishes, laundry, bill paying, eating breakfast with my friends, and so on and so on.
then the afternoon shuffle.
then soccer.
then vball game.
then open house.

wah wah
wah wah wah

this fit brought to you by pop-tarts.


Anonymous said...

Omg! I dont know qhen the hs meet the teacher night is!
There will be no wah wah wah'ing in the compound.

Antoinette said...

* HUGS* Lunch next week. Not pop-tarts, though.