Wednesday, August 29, 2012

busy is a job

for wyatt, being the youngest of 5 is the greatest thing ever.
he is the center of attention all of the time.
he always has someone willing to play, get his water and humor him.
these days of the big kids going back to school are so hard for him.
he seems to be pretty down in the dumps and asks often 'if it is time to get my big kids yet?'
even our regular train ride found him with his head down on the seat in front of us.
sometimes even our favorite things can't help us get out of the dumps
so that leaves me trying to find ways to keep this guy busy until 2:45 and still get some of my stuff done.
he has loaded and unloaded the washer and dryer multiple times.
he has helped me sweep, done errands and has mastered watering the plants on the deck all by himself.
i was relieved when i looked out the window this morning and saw him watering.
mastering the big kid jobs
and he was so proud of himself.
his pre-k will start next week, so that will help a bit.
and until then, i will be very busy finding ways to keep him busy.

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