Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the old girl

this is our old dog, canela.
me and this dog have gone rounds and rounds.
she has been through 2 doggie training classes, chewed everything in sight, pee'd all over the house and generally been a pain in my neck.

we got her when she was a puppy and i had four kids under the age of 5.
i have threatened to give her away more times that i can count.

and yet, she is still here.
she is here cause of sam.
i am not sure i have ever seen a kid love a dog more than this kid.

our boy and his dog

and because of him, she has been with us for almost 10 years.

today as i was doing stuff around the house, i realized that i was talking to good ol' canela.
and i started thinking about her.
i has never really crossed my mind that i like this dog too.
she is my companion when everyone else has left me here alone.
i talk to her, pet her, take her outside.

and i am thankful for her.
me and this dog, we have raised these kids.

and she is a good girl.
and when the time comes that she goes to doggie heaven, it will be a sad sad day.
for sam, for alla the kids and most especially for me.
cause i do love her.

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