Monday, August 20, 2012

get it girl

ella bella is the first one in
this weekend we took some friends to one of our favorite central texas swimming holes.
jena flies high
i feel like i spend most of my time these days on the banks of the river trying to catch the perfect picture of the kids as they launch from the rope swing.
miles perfects the pencil dive
this weekend was no different.
sam walks on the water
i think i did fairly well capturing the carr cirque du soleil in the beautiful texas water this weekend.

don't try this at home
but i must admit, the kids and i all had a big laugh as we were looking through the pictures.
the squeels of joy and laughter will be in my head forever
guess another patron decided to walk in front of me and adjust her underpants at the exact same time as sam was flying and i was clicking.
howse that for timing?


christygb said...

bahah! great pics (from the tree that says NO Tresspassing. ummm!!!)

Antoinette said...

Oh my word! Her cheek is hanging out! LOL You maximize summer like no other person I know, KC. <3

bean said...

is that in wimberley?? y'all are the coolest!