Thursday, August 23, 2012


4 year old party

my sweet baby wyatt turned 4 last week.
can you even believe it?

i clearly remember feeling so excited when i found out we were pregnant again.

family 4 birfday
i am sure that i had some doubt and worry during the pregnancy, but i sincerely don't remember having those types of feelings regarding this child - only remember being so happy, at ease and filled with pride.
family 3 birfday
but this child has changed our lives.
he has been a gift to our family.
each of the kids have a special relationship with him.

family 2 birfday
it is interesting how each of the kids fill a specific need for him.  sometimes i feel a bit bad because he will go to them for help before me or jeff.

and then, i am filled with pride because they love each other and need each other.

big boy 1 party
i have so so so many fun memories of our family when there was 1, 2, 3, and 4 kids.  and it seems like the sweet baby must be in all of them.
and yet, he is just 4.
yaye for four.
we all love wyatt.

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