Monday, June 17, 2013

Heaven was by the door

Today a friend left some love by our front door.
I knew the bag was going to be there.
I was excited to open it and get my hands on the contents.

I expected to feel the love of my friend as I washed the beauties.
I expected to smile as I popped the first tomato in my mouth.

I did not expect to get a lump in my throat.
I did not expect to feel the tears roll down my cheeks as the juice exploded in my mouth.
And just like that, a Sweet 100 made me feel 10 again.
And made me long for my grandparents.
For late nights of watching Gunsmoke and snapping beans.
Wishing I could wear my Grandpoppy's long sleeve shirt - like I did while cutting the okra.
Longing for the stomach ache because of eating so much garden fresh raw cabbage.
Wishing I could hear my Grandmommy hum Beulah Land while she shucked the corn.

I am thankful that I was lucky enough to come from such an honest, hardworking, family that taught me about the fruit of my labor.

And I am thankful that I have dear friends that share their love with me and help me to feel like a kid again and keep me from forgetting the places I came from and the ones that I love the most.

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