Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There is HOPE

Today was day 2 of Carr camp.
YAYE!  Woohoo!!!  YAHOO!!!!
campy campers

It has been fun so far.
I am exhausted by the end of the day.
It is hard work worrying about the safety of other people's children.

friends as long as I can remember

Today we went to one of my favorite places.
HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a fantastic venue where street artist and muralist (and many other artists) can do their thing.

he spent loads of time studying many of the pieces

The kids hiked about in the 1 million degree heat and then I let them bust out the spray paint.


he liked the guy with the fangs

I am not sure it is okay to spray paint there without permission.
I did send an email to ask - and didn't receive a response.

her fave - and the detail on this eyeball was amazing

So before we left the house today, we sat around the table and talked about what symbol best represents you or something you enjoy?

he LOVED these bears

We drew each of their ideas out on a piece of paper and gathered up all of the old cans of spray paint in our garage.

We found a spot that had no art and I let the kids do their thing.
I am really proud because all of the kids had vision and they helped each other.

I love that as we were driving away from HOPE today, the kids were in the back of the car having a discussion about how hard spray paint art actually is.
I am thrilled because none of the kids had ever done anything like that before.

 I feel like they all walked away very pleased with what they created.

And I think we had another successful day of learning from and loving our community.

And ya just can't be that!

Jackson (age 11)
Red, White and Blue Peace Sign
Wyatt (age 4)
Eyeball with legs and arms
Liam (age 8)
Minecraft face
Jena (age 13)
Music in her heart
Ella (age 15)
Will (age 9)
Skylanders Magic Star
Susi (age 14)
Hello, my name is...



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jeri lynn said...

i wish i could have been at camp that day!!!