Monday, July 22, 2013

The walls

born in 1784
imagine what life was for Thomas and Mary

It is 1am.
I can't go to sleep.
The house is extremely quiet except for the faint snoring and the sound of fans.

There are 15 people sleeping in this house.
Between the four walls.
One mother with her husband, her 3 boys, the wives and the grandkids.
In the town she considers her hometown and where she has most of her childhood memories.

I didn't recognize until this moment of still and quiet how significant this trip is.
One mom's entire family is together.
Her children are now adults.

It is weird to think that 25 years from now I might be longing to do this same thing with my kids.
Except it might be in Manvel.
With trips to the Confederate cemetery and the Oak Park cemetery.
And maybe a tortilla burger.
And of course some Joe's.

I am actually feeling emotional just thinking of it.

I feel like I am takin it for granted that all of the people that I gave birth to live with me now.

In the big picture, it is such a short amount of time that we will be living together as a family.
These children that I have waited for and wanted my whole life will soon be gone.

I have got to savor every minute.

And I need to take a moment to appreciate the beauty and joy that this trip brings my mother in law.

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