Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am all about love

There are times that I just want to punch someone in the throat.
Like hard.
Just turn around and sock 'em good.

wyatt made his own lunch

My kids are nice kids.
Not perfect.
But nice.
Somehow they have managed to attract a few friends that aren't so nice.
Not bad kids, but kids that are not sincere or thoughtful or kind.
I have tolerated these kids.
I have welcomed them into our home.
And there are so many times that I just wanna punch them in their perfectly smug little faces.

it is a breadhouse

I know it is terrible to want to hurt a kid.
Technically, I don't want to hurt anyone.
I just wanna give them enough of my fist to shock them.

And then maybe I will call them a few names and tell them what assholes they are and how they will likely live a sad and lonely superficial life with friends that that have bought.

he ate the whole thing

I have always said that we don't throw away our friends.

A few years ago, someone that claimed to be a friend said something really hurtful to me.
And I was done.
I see this person and I am pleasant, but oh so done.

I have a friend that I lost due to a dramatic breakup and I still think about her and miss being her friend.

I don't want to live my life with regrets and that includes the regret of having people around that are hurtful.

I have to set the example and makes some changes.

And then maybe my girls will be strong enough to do the same.

And then I won't have to go to jail for punching a bitchy asshole kid in the throat.

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