Sunday, August 11, 2013

Line Thoughts

I stopped at 7-11 and let Jena pick out a movie tonite.
We got a text with a free movie promotion, so I figured I should use it.

I had to laugh because about half way through the movie pickin out, there were two people waiting behind her.

I started thinking about my friend in real life and how she might be cussing us if she were standing behind Jena in that line.  Not cause she is a bad person but because she is an organized person.

I have to laugh about things like this.
And appreciate the differences of people.

For me, redbox is on the fly.
I didn't even know you could do it online before you went to the kiosk.
Why would I know that?

My dear organized friend has a plan.
And she figures stuff out in advance.
And she knows what road she is taking to get to that red box.

I don't normally know I am getting a movie until I drive past the machine.
And i usually have to do a uturn to get there.

Neither of us is wrong for how we handle the movie picking.
And we are still best friends even though we approach almost every single situation from a difference direction.

And that is what I love about life.
And friendship.

Why would I want to be friends with someone just like me?
And why wouldn't I give respect to someone that didn't agree with me on any topic - including difference in movie rental.

I am so thankful that we appreciate the differences of life.
And I am thankful to learn new things from my friends on a daily basis.

Even if I don't pre-order my redbox movies.

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